Strathpuffer 24h MTB Enduro

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  • Fucking strong work!

  • We packed it in at 8am, could have done 2 more laps but bed was too inviting.

    44th overall

  • That was fun

    Ice spikers were savours

    Next year we go for 10laps each.....

    Had to stop at Bruar, 10miles from home,as I was starting to drift. Currently watching another puffer survivor falling asleep in his fish supper

    Match report to follow next week

  • I'm getting ice spikes and spare wheels for next year.

    Was going to go for 2 more laps when @Ecobeard got back at 7am but I wasn't mentally up to it and then the rain started so i just went to bed for two hours instead.

    Although we were much less fit than last year i think we managed ourselves a lot better and put in some fairly consistent 2 lap stints. Bit of training this year and we'll be in better shape for 2020

  • Yeah ice spikers would have been spot on for this year. Icy slabs of rock is probably the one thing I was least prepared for. Snow, rain, cold, mud wouldn't have bothered me - just not ice!

    Shame I couldn't meet both of you - didn't have the energy for much aside from sitting in the van. Maybe next year? ...

    I returned home to find that moments before I arrived the flat above had had a burst pipe, and the water had leaked all through the electrics in the ceiling and through the fire alarm, which set it off. So the lady in the flat below (who also had water coming through her ceiling) had called the fire brigade who arrived a few minutes after me. No electricity or heating for 24 hrs whilst everything dries out! Just what I needed

  • Congrats on the ride.

    Sorry for the flat, go grab a hotel and properly warm up.

  • Thanks.

    Don't really have the money for a hotel at this point in time and my landlord will be here early in the morning to check everything out so I'm just going to hold out. One of the guys on my team lives just down the road so I at least managed to get a shower at his. Fortunately I'm fully kitted out with multiple lights and battery packs and have a bunch of warm clothes already in my kit bag so tonight should be no trouble :)

  • @frankenbike oh mate that’s a nightmare, just what you didn’t need.

    It was nice to meet you and cracking first Stab at the ‘puffer!

  • Ice spikers are good on the frozen slabs, but they take a battering on them

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  • You can buy replacement spikes, right?

  • No idea

    Would be good though

  • Who’s in next year then?

    Entries opened on Thursday and solos sold out already!

    Me and @colm89 doing a pair again

  • Less than a week to go and I've probably ridden 10km since mid December. Fuck.

    Suppose we're not aiming to be competitive so no big deal. But it'll be a shame if I have to drop out after only 6 hours or something

  • Yeah, but you've got experience now ;-)

    And a new bike!

  • True, lessons from last year's icefest: a) never clip in b) never use the front brake

    One bonus of the new bike is I've got a lovely little 30t chainring instead of the 34t brute on my old one

  • C) use ice spikers
    D) sleep whenever you can
    E) have some kind of meltdown at some point

  • F) It's often safer to ride down the dodgy bits than try to hobby horse your bike down them
    G) set up camp near a disposed kitchen or chopped up tree, or make friends with someone that has lots of firewood

  • Feeling fit you two?

  • We're not going anymore unfortunately

  • I smashed my back up and let the side down :(

  • And for that I don't think i could ever forgive him

  • Ah tragic. Pair of solo entries next year to make up for it

  • Oh it was that? Amazed that I got away with everything else.

  • Seems to be a bit warmer than last year so hopefully less ice around. But our tarp did freeze over, so who knows. We're Team Jorts, no. 298.

    Feeling extremely unprepared

  • Good luck!

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Strathpuffer 24h MTB Enduro

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