Strathpuffer 24h MTB Enduro

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  • Good luck. Be careful out there!

  • Feeling okay, bike's doing well aside from the shifter clamp suddenly becoming threaded on a downhill. Got a spare so no problem. Absolutely loving my 30t chainring, I can get up so much stuff that I couldn't before. I'm gonna get 30/46 when I sell this groupset

    We're just finishing the 4th lap, I've only done 1 so got a double up next. No ice sightings so far. 19 hours to go

  • Keep going!

  • ☠️

    Did my two laps but chain got fucked somehow not too far from the top. Constantly details but nothing obviously wrong by the headtorch light. So I had to walk the whole way back aside from the odd little downhill section that I could roll through.

    Also have absolutely fucked my neck, my back. Feels like bars maybe a bit too low and brakes not got enough power so I'm really yanking on them. But either way I can barely sit up straight on a camp stool. Think I might sack it off and try to find some beer and maybe try a lap in the morning

  • I guess you're getting half the rest in a pair, maybe that's what's done us in

  • Sorry to hear about the back. Well done for getting around so far!

  • Well done for getting this far, it’s fucking hard, so don’t beat yourself up, the course does that

    The thing I learnt switching from a quad to a pair was that in a pair, you have to get changed and get your head down as soon as you get off the bike. Its hard to do, but it really really helps

    Keep it going fella!

  • Oh and ‘puffer eats pads, so it may just be that with the brakes btw

  • Agreed, as soon as the sun goes down, it's purely business with the sleeping. Exchange pleasantries with your team mate, don't scare them too badly, get changed, replenish, and get your head down for an hour

  • Well I woke up at 5 AM with a runny nose, a cough and a headache, so I guess I'm ill again, and that was the underlying cause of my aches and pains. Have felt crap all day. Oh well - this year was a write off - am sure I'll be back next year, hopefully much fitter...

    My chain seems to work now I've cleaned the bike off although it is still skipping a bit. Maybe just full of grit? I've never seen a chain so gritty that it won't even mesh with the chainring though... Can't be bothered to figure it out now. The lap I did without the chain took me 2 hours! Must have been at least an hour pushing the bike.

    Back home now, sat next to the little gas fire - much more pleasant than last year's burst pipe incident.

  • Well done matey, sounds like a tough outing for you.

    If you want a debrief over a pint, just shout

  • Don't think I'd want to do this in perfect health, so extra well done for doing as much as you did whilst being ill :-)

  • If you want a debrief over a pint

    Maybe a hills ride some time? When I feel I'm able to ride a bike any appreciable distance again...

    Thanks for the support (and @BareNecessities @Colm89) - unfortunately I think no amount of support could have kept me away from my multiple sleeping bags on the night

  • Looked a lot muddier this year!

  • Believe me I'd rather do 3 laps in that mud than 1 in last year's ice!

  • I think no amount of support could have kept me away from my multiple sleeping bags on the night

    I struggled to get out of my sleeping bag in the middle of June, while perfectly healthy. In your circumstances, I'd probably still be there

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Strathpuffer 24h MTB Enduro

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