Strathpuffer 24h MTB Enduro

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  • Anybody up for doing this with me? Not a massive 24Hour solo fan....

    I haz Teepee & Beer, you needs bike, sleeping bag and a smile.

  • my mate John will be doing the pics, hmm, lift... hmm.

  • How would it work with a duo, 5 laps on then 5 off alternate? Lap on /lap off. Forgive my ignorance. I have considered this in the past but I imagine a solo effort is a bit too much like purgatory.

  • depends what you feel like,
    sometimes 2 laps each alternate is good as the distance tends to be about an hour ish,
    but if it is knarly conditions could be lap on lap off, or if you agree to do longer at night say 4, get a mini kip- worlds your enduro.

  • So, J, you in?!

  • Anyone else up for this?

  • cant really do it, other event, and girlfriend entanglements have happened again,superhappy
    take plenty snow kit dude! shout hi to Jon as you blast past him with his camera

  • Re starting this mega-dredge as a few people have been talking about doing puffer this year.

    Me @Colm89 and two others did it as a quad last year and we are doing it as a pair this year, with the other two going solo.

    I did a report, which is here

    @frankenbike keen this year so we can look to set an LFGSS corner up early on the Friday, somewhere on the fire road climb.

  • We can share firewood and burn each other's spare clothes

  • Collected 'wisdom' from the MTB thread so far

    Some initial recommendations:

    • Get ice tyres, bring mud tyres
    • Rent the lights from Exposure
    • Bring a head torch and a spare
    • Bring every single bit of cycling kit you own
    • Bring every item of warm clothing you own
    • Rent a campervan/decent tent - Don't use a panel van, they are rubbish for this
    • Bring snow chains for van/can tyres if not 4x4
    • Travel up on Thursday night/Friday morning
    • Bring a heat source and lots of fuel, then more fuel
    • Be prepared to be unprepared
    • Don't over think it, just do it
    • Be prepared to be very cold, even by Scottish standards
    • Bring a second set of wheels with the tyres you haven't fitted to the other set of wheels
    • Use a bike with gears, maybe, maybe not
    • Bring even more fire wood
    • Lie down for at least an hour mid race
    • Bring De-icer for clipless pedals
    • Bring a GOSH, unless you are a singlespeeder, then you are allowed to be permanently grumpy
    • Bring cash

  • We were literally saved last year by the fact that all the demolition waste from the hotel being re-furbed was in the carpark and we could pick the wood out of it.

    I plan to fill the Disco with the waste wood that has come out of the house this year and a a load of wood my neighbour and I have wood elved off the local paths under our guise of "keeping the trails and paths open your honour"

  • You guys had a fire going the whole time? Lots of fuel then... my friend is pretty handy with an axe, I'll pester him to sort that out.

    The nice thing about it is all this crap just goes in the van/car. It makes a nice change from all the other camping I do where I have to lug every single thing around myself. Need to get into the car camping mindset and pack to the gunnels. Got to dig out every piece of down I own

  • Oh yeah

    I took my BBQ and a sack of charcoal and 5kg of coal, we then filched all the wood to keep it going.

    It got to -14 at one point and my Sidis froze, so I had to put them in the fire just to get some flex in the uppers

    nearly everyone has a BBQ/Firepit or small stove for heat and a separate mini stove for cooking etc

    If you are driving and its not a 4x4, they may not let you up the fire road if its icy or snowy, so bring chains.

    We will get on the A9 at Ballinluig, so happy to meet there or in Pitlochry to go up in convoy

  • We brought beer and whiskey but never even considered it.

    Minestron(t)e(a) was the drink of choice.

  • We will get on the A9 at Ballinluig, so happy to meet there or in Pitlochry to go up in convoy

    Bloody hell it's a long way. I had "3 hours" in my head but didn't really consider the map in any detail. Going to be a fun drive...

    Will see how the plans develop as to whether we can convoy - it's herding cats with 4 people - but at least our group's all leaving from the same place in theory!

  • Yeah its far.

    Edinburgh is and hour and twenty from Ballinluig if you get a good run, but then after that its really weather dependent, especially over Drumochter

  • If you know, you know #kettlebro

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  • I'd like to do this except I feel the cold badly, have cold injury related hand circulation issues and cba to drive that far.

    Good luck and share pictures of your 1000yard stares.

  • Just turn up for the lols and camp and drink and heckle riders in the ice at 4am whilst eating whisky porridge.

  • "I'm just going to wait in the van while you lot pack up"

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  • Sits proudly in the garage, awaiting its next heroic outing

  • Was worth it, not to kill you on the drive back to Inverness

    Although going back over Drumochter on 30mins sleep in a blizzard surrounded by HGVs was not a lot of fun

    At some points I was asking The co pilot of what I could see/couldn’t see was actully real

  • This

    Some loons jus go fae t perty like min

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Strathpuffer 24h MTB Enduro

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