RIP Dave Creasy

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  • :(

    Thanks for everything Dave.

  • :(

  • What!! oh no
    Didn't know him that well, but he always took time to have a go at me and tell me what I or others were doing wrong. You will be much missed


  • From the main RIP thread:

    RIP Dave Creasy, HH and VCL stalwart.

    Saw this news on Twitter, how sad.

    RIP Dave, HH won't quite be the same without you.

  • Sad news.

  • R.I.P. Dave

    I have only been down to the Velodrome a handful of times, but Dave was definitely part of the fabric of the place...

  • Sad news, R.I.P. Dave :-(

  • Sad news. RIP

  • He told me off a couple of times.
    Sad news. RIP.

  • RIP - Dave

    Hope you give them grief in the great velodrome in the sky… you were a grumpy old git but a massive part of HH and the continued presence of track racing

    May your keys always jangle…

  • RIP
    He was always taking the mickey out of my funny shorts. i will miss him next season

  • .. and both your hands always be on the drops.



  • I actually found out via twitter and there hasn't been an official announcement yet. I guess that's technology for you.

    Dave had become rather ill lately and very frail, at least he did not have a prolonged period of suffering.

  • Rest In Peace

  • Without the efforts of Dave and people like him, Herne Hill would not exist today. He will be sorely missed. At least he did not have a long illness and was at Herne Hill throughout the summer. RIP.

  • RIP Dave

    Not been going to Herne Hill long but he was the first person I spoke to there and he always seemed part of it to me

  • Awful, awful news, I loved that grumpy old fucker... HH will not be the same without him... :[

    Any news on funeral arrangements? Would like to attend if I can...

  • I am proper sad about this, and I have known him long enough that he didnt used to have a go at me....


  • he was lovely, thats so sad. I remember turning up at the Vdrome early days on a conversion and asking him if it would be alright to ride on the track set like this. He took a look, twatted my bars with his knee and said "you'll want to twist those bars forward or you'll bang your knees"

    He really belted them too, it was hilarious. My first induction too, watching him ball john mack out for skidding on the track. :)

  • this is such sad news.
    many years ago while at secondary school i went to herne hill velodrome for my weekly games lesson (as it was called). dave was always there to meet us and put us through our paces. when i joined the vcl he was always on hand for all of us, he was like a second dad when we went to the national track championships at saffron lane or any race meeting for that matter. He was one of the masters of without his lips moving whispering a last minute tip on the start line before pushing you off.
    i have so many great memories of that mans kindness.

    RIP Mr Creasy

  • Thought he'd be there forever, his memory will.
    Waiting for funeral arrangements.

  • from @bradwiggins

    Just heard the news that Dave Creasy has passed away, the man who first got me on a bike at Herne Hill when I was 8. Had a good chat with him only a few weeks ago at the pedal club, god bless you Dave RIP

  • Very sad news.

    My first memory of riding track, I suspect like many countless others, was Dave Creasy.

    He was a part of the place and I hope he is memorialised in some way in whatever future development plans are coming.


  • I'm thinking it'd be nice to put together some kind of tribute to Dave from the forum...

  • +1

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RIP Dave Creasy

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