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  • Picked up some of their cheap bibs (T.Mille S7 - £100 RRP, but online for £75) which I assume are their reaction to Rapha Core.

    Seem very nice and came in a very pleasing if completely unnecessary box. Quite short in the leg which is good for short people like me.

  • Are these the shorts that shredded your arse?

  • No shorts shredded my arse. Although two pairs of Assos were involved, most of the blame falls on the overly padded saddle. I wore a pair of the newer chamois shorts (S7?) during TABR with fair less damage than TCR. I'll be wearing them again for TCR.

  • Any deals on Assos shorts around at the moment?

  • Now Rapha is the chopper clobber of choice, is Assos due a discreet comeback?

  • Picked up some Velocio bibs the other day which have the exact same chamois and overall bib construction/quality as Assos. As if they had come from the same factory.

  • I never stopped wearing it. When I say 'it' I mean their knicks. I have a pair of their mitts too, maybe some other stuff. I prefer the look of Castelli but that's spendy as fuck and their sizing is wank. I'm not buying other brands unless someone gives me a pair that prove to be awesome.

  • Where from? They don't appear to be available any more. Also you can get Assos bibs for less than £80 so why risk other brands?

  • Any deals on Assos shorts around at the moment?

    Did you ever find anything? It looks like they’ve launched a new S9 range without me noticing and I’ve missed all of the S7 bargains now. Can’t find much under £150 or so.

  • Nope. I just bought two new pairs at wherever was cheapest in Google. Probably Sigma or Wiggle.

  • Resurrection time. are doing a quick survey that when completed gives to 20 pound euros swiss francs of shorts tights or take in a clean old pair of shorts any make to a authorised assos store for the discount .

  • Assos shorts trade-ins? Oh my. I wonder if they'd actually accept mine? 2006 vintage, baby.

  • That's not animated. That's actual video of me in an assos store.

  • Before you grew your hair?

  • So did anyone get the code ?

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