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  • Kate Boucher uses charcoal (and probably pastels) for wonderful landscapes.

    When her work arrived, there was a little off cut with a note on the back, used as a thank you card. I like her work so much, I even had the off cut framed...


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  • The "extra"

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  • Lothar Götz is an awesome artist (and lovely person).

    He’s outside my usual price range, and I’m very pleased to have this piece.

    I don’t think he’s doing the pledge at all, but well worth checking out.


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  • The 2D piece of mine I posted is a relatively new path, this piece shown at RMAC in Roswell is more my usual thing (glass, danger, fragility etc).

    More recommendations to follow later or tomorrow.

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  • It's an extraordinary piece. Hard to see properly because of crowds. If anyone is ever going to see it, I'd recommend being there early and going straight there and then seeing the rest of the museum.

    I didn't do that and I wish I had.

  • Smug post, but not being up on my art, I accidentally stumbled upon seeing this.

    Had a day to myself in Madrid and ended up at that museum, not really knowing what it held. I turned a corner and there it was. Didn't realise it was so massive. It was a midweek morning barely anyone in there except a class of school kids sitting on the floor getting an explanation which was great for me.

  • Sounds like a brilliant experience @greeno Mine was a bit different...

    I went to see it in the afternoon after spending most of the day at the Thyssen (which has an outstanding collection by the way, and may excellent temporary shows), built up to it by getting into the narrative of the display about conflict and as I got to being one room away, feeling the excitement of being about to see it in the flesh... I was told by the security lady the museum was closing and had to turn around, and never got to even catch a glimpse of it! 😬 Good reason enough to head back to Madrid at the first available opportunity whenever that may be. 🤷♂️

  • Bugger! But as you say, good reason to go back...

  • Jonathan Jones can be a hit hyperbolic, but I am looking forward to seeing the new Rachel Whiteread show

  • I'm very disappointed by Rachel Whiteread.

    “We’ve all felt it,” she agrees. “The security of the world as we knew it has been thrown on its head.”

    She should of course have said: 'The security of the world as we knew it has been turned inside out.”­/2021/apr/11/rachel-whiteread-i-have-a-c­larity-i-never-had-before

  • Ha ha ha, good point!

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Modern Art

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