Extending brake drop?

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  • Almost finished component collecting for my first vintage build with only the brake callipers to get. My frame (1979) is built with clearances for mudguards and has a pivot bolt center to rim center of 55mm. I've been looking at a few cheap(ish) sets of campagnolo dual piviots from the mid 70's and 80's but most of the ones i can afford appear to be short reach (max 50mm reach). Has anyone tried any improvised methods to extend the calliper drops? I've been thinking of trying a combination of

    1)slim line brake shoes.
    2) filing a couple of millimeters into the drops.
    3) maybe filing a milimeter off the shoe bolt.
    4) possibly cutting a notch from the brake pad.

    Just wondering if anyone has tried any of these options?? how much space can realistically be reclaimed before this becomes impractical. Thanks for any input!!

  • Campagnolo had/has special calliper bolts, excentric.

    You can also use a washer that you file taper.
    Gives you an extra 5 mm adjustment.

  • Cheers Cheese! I'll look into that campy bolt, although I believe it's hard to find. Not sure I understand what you mean about filing the washer. How would I go about doing it?? :)

  • I saw such a brake bolt earlier this week.
    I think it was Ebay USA, but I'm not sure.

    The thing with the tapered washer: I described on the forum before.
    I've done this trick a couple of times and it helps you to get the whole brake up to approx. 5 mm higher or lower.

    Take a (alu) washer of diam 10mm / hole 6mm / thickness 600 or so. It's a standard part.
    File it in an angle. Leave one side flat and taper it on the other side. 30 degrees or so.
    When you put this washer between brake and fork crown and you tighten the brake nut, the brake will go a bit up or down, depending on the orientation of the taper.
    If you put the thin side of the washer down, the brake will go down. And v.v.
    It's safe and it works.

  • Ah!!! that is very clever. I will certainly try out your tapered washer idea before I try anything else. Thanks man!!

  • Similar situation as OP. I replaced 27" wheel and now need like 4mm of extra brake reach.

    I found link to the brake bolt drops mentioned here but they are bloody expensive (150$)


    Similar price in Ebay USA.

    For that price I may well consider getting a nice set of centerpull brakes like the Grand Compe 610.

    Very helpful thread!

  • You might get this one cheap!! Not going to bid myself cause I'm totally broke.


  • Would tapered washer work with shimano 105's ?
    I don't really see how...
    I need to lower them by 6mm

  • got a similar issue on my triumph - 75mm drop approx on the back but the dual pivots i've just bought are only 73mm...
    i tried making a drop bolt from two pieces of thickish ali plate but it just bent as soon as i applied pressure.
    i'll try the shaved washer trick next i think. am i right in thinking you need to make two? one for either side of the mount plate?

  • tapered washer fitted last night. seems to do the job nicely!

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Extending brake drop?

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