Tourney: WHBPC 2011: Seattle 08-11.09.2011

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  • Agreed, it sucks. Cosmic/nice touch/sring break should be reppin hard

    Cant you get aircanada to sponsor you todd? ;)

  • Todd, sell the beard and it should pay for the trip!!

  • The beard's part of my game though.
    I wish Max! Best not think about it. Gutted to miss this one.
    Next year...

  • Next year...

  • We have to get one!

  • I want to go so much!

    But my mum won't let me.

  • I could write you a note

  • New poster...

  • cool poster

  • English sponsor. No English teams.

  • Raise this with Brooks? :)

    English sponsor. No English teams.

  • English sponsor. No English teams.

    Yeah, wtf? you would have thought they might at least offer some sort of help?

  • wtf london?

  • ...hosered (hangs head in shame)

  • English sponsor.

    Italian money.

  • I bet no English team spoke to Andrea at Brooks...

  • I'll happily pass on Andrea and Bregan's details if anyone wants to try and get sponsored flights. Hopefully you'll have more luck than me with forging a relationship with Brooks (15+ emails to date, nabbed a few prizes for the Open but that's about it).

  • please do this cosmic/nice touch..


  • How much are tickets now though? It is a shame LDN isn't in effect.

  • between 400-600 pounds

  • So 600 pounds then. Tempted. What's the minimum time off work you think? (Where's the pound sign on HTC phones?)

  • 9+ hour flight & 8 hour time difference = big jet lag.

  • Im taking two weeks off work cam

  • I will go with at least 40% of flight covered by a sponsor.

    Cosmic can't go as a team.

  • What about bryan? Ldnsuperteam!

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Tourney: WHBPC 2011: Seattle 08-11.09.2011

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