Mavic 631 (aka Starfish) cranks - Did they ever exist in track spec?

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  • hi guys

    ive got a question about these cranks.
    am looking to buy a set and the seller tells me that they are 'track' cranks.
    but they are 130BCD apparently.

    upon doing a bit of research, it doesnt seem that track versions of these were ever made. but then i also find one of Hilary's which he sold for £120 and he mentions that they are true track cranks.

    does anyone know how to tell the track ones from the road ones if they actually exist?

    thanks in advance



    Road and track are the same.

    MAVIC 631 has a longer spider which won't accept anything smaller than a 48 or 49T outer ring.

    MAVIC 632 has a shorter spider but difficult to find.

  • Thanks mate - so 631s were all road versions i take

  • The MAVIC 632 is on the right with the stumpy spider which isn't as sleek as the 631 IMO.

    Both are converted the same way so both can be used as road or track cranks.

    However, I've never seen a 1/8th MAVIC pista chainring.

  • cool! thanks mate! helpful information.
    learn a thing everyday.

  • What BCD are they, dmczone? Those rings look an awful lot like SR, no-one would know the difference. Except maybe you.

    also, dmczone, how's that Toute Mavic group track build coming? What rims you using? I'm considering building my hubs up onto some lovely CXP10s I just nabbed ... excited.

  • Starfish is 130BCD

    Tout MAVIC is almost complete ... just waiting for the stem.

    Using Open Pros but dreaming of a set CXP12 in black.

  • Hi there.

    If you dont want to go whit the DA7700 chainring. Do you have any other options that "fits" better?

    Here is the pair i will have for my bike.

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    • 3.jpg
  • Sorry to drag up a decaying thread..

    Just wondering what everyone thinks the best BB to use with these cranks is? I have 631s if it makes any difference?

  • Campag works.

  • Veloce it is then! Cheers.

  • the mavic 610 URD bb 112mm is what they recommend but I used a 114 campag bb


    However, I've never seen a 1/8th MAVIC pista chainring.

    I have just seen one in my life.

  • The Mavic crank system was versatile. On the same set of cranks you could use them either as a Pista, road double or triple. This was achieved via spacers and bolts.
    Correct chainline was arrived at by using the appropriate Mavic bottom bracket, with spindle lengths of 110mm track, 114mm road double and 119mm for the triple.
    The 'Pista' cranks you see in the above photo are merely 631's with only one ring attached.

    BTW : if anybody has a Mavic 39 tooth chainring and the dustcaps let me know.

  • There is a nos 38t on USA ebay right now if it helps

  • I've got a 47t if anyone wants it?

  • Still going? LOL.

  • Errrrrm possibly send me a PM and i'll look though my oddly large collection of chain-rings.

  • can anyone point me in the direction of the correct spacer and bolts to convert to single ring ?

  • I used the spacers that came with on mine worked perfectly.

  • I've still got a Mavic 52T and 39T as per this old thread if that helps?­21/#comment13327380

  • All good thanks.. need a 47/48 I think....

  • Purely out if interest, why did you use spacers on a single ring conversion.. was it just to achieve a better chainline?

    I only ask because I didn't use the spacers at all for my single set up.. crank arms pretty close to the chain stays but chainline pretty much perfect.

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  • yeah no spacers just screw some shorter chainring bolts directly in the crank.

  • If you're running a single ring 47 is kind of dodgy, the ring is small enough that the link actually sit on the spider arms.

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Mavic 631 (aka Starfish) cranks - Did they ever exist in track spec?

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