H2 cycle gym. Soho

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  • I'd be interested in this too, Brave, but like Olsen would be keen to see details on the gym facilities and how the bike garage works before committing!

  • Same. I didn't get a space today (Same place Olsen works) and it well pissed me off :)
    Stupid bloody facilities have opened up the garage to everyone in the company instead of the waiting list it was before (which took me close to 3 years to get onto).

    If this place is good I'll quit my current gym and move over there.

  • As fortune would have it I no longer work in Londons famous Soho. I have moved to "head office" in Londons famous Lambeth. Here we have shower and secure bike parking (under the stairs near the HDX900 camera kits) so no longer require the services of the H2 cycle gym.

    Soho... Pffffft

  • lookin' pretty tempting at only £40 a month...
    my current membership at the pulse is £42...

    but then, that's close to home. i'd be really interested if more of these opened up around the city - secure bike locking all over the city, anyone?

  • Bike parking is extra isn't it?

  • No it's free secure bike parking here.
    SmartWater will be offered to H2 members for a one off payment of £15 which seems good value.

  • Wow.That looks truly horrendous. Good bike parking mind, but seriously... why ?
    Smart water? WTF?
    Tap water, the great outdoors, no fees, sanity.

  • So did anyone actually join this place? What with the sweltering temperatures, I have to say membership is rather tempting and I'm sure my colleagues would appreciate me taking a shower after riding to work instead of before.
    How busy does it get at what I assume is the 9am peak?

  • Bump. Any people have a review of this place?
    The london wall one is close to work, and will want to take my nice bike in now it's almost spring

  • No-one then? The london wall one isn't open yet, but i'll definitely go when it is, since i'm not holding my breathe about getting a cycle space in the building i work in

  • i know someone who works in Soho, his employer pays for his membership

    it gives him secure bike parking and shower facilities

    i have been in, it looks good, there is also a gym and spin classes are run there with video projections etc, and they can service bikes too

    all looks fine, though i have no idea what they charge

  • They have a bike shop too apparently, although I sort of imagine it as being the size and style of a youth hostel tuck shop

  • has anyone done the spinning classes at h2? a friend has a long few days riding at the end of september and needs to start getting fitness levels up, are the classes any good?

  • Good for:
    You work in Soho and need a shower and secure bike storage. You get a towel (as part of your subscription) and locker for use during the shower

    Not good for:
    You consider £45pcm too much to keep your bike protected from Soho thieves/weather or your employer doesn't pay a portion of this.
    And if you need your bike after 2130.

    Location is just off Broadwick St. And there is a mechanic on Tues/Thurs if you require that sort of thing.

  • It's also getting a bit ratty- a lot of the showers no longer work, for instance.

    The mech used to be there every day, and the cleaner now mops the main changing rooms at ~8am, rather than coming before opening.

    i.e. they are clearly trying to reduce fixed costs and maintenance, which suggests they are in some form of trouble- which is a shame as I've been using them for around a year and a half as its a very handy facility.

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H2 cycle gym. Soho

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