Wanted: Free BMX for young disadvantaged kid

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  • its a good idea(max's comment)

  • His mum, the school and everyone else are totally aware of what we're doing... I hope that (finally) [strike]shuts Max up[/strike] allays people's fears... ;]

    And good idea, Corny, we were thinking along the same lines... Samson is (according to himself) a pretty good mechanic, one of Lori's other students is also really handy with a spanner and wants some MTB parts to fix up his current project so she's gonna get a list of components he needs off him and see if we can help him as well...

    Anyway, here are a couple of messages from young Samson... Sounds like a very sensible young chap, if you ask me... BTW He has absolutely no idea he's actually getting a bike... Ha!

    Awesome, eh? :D

  • Jesus Joe, this is a pretty elaborate way to get yourself a bmx. Just sayin...

  • Shhhh...

  • We showed this video at the Bicycle Film Society last month YouTube - Hoima Bicycle (part 1 of 4)

    it is great when people appreciate what you do for them

  • Awesome team forum!

    And skateboards - think how much of that stuff must be lying around under peoples beds etc

    this is a bit cheesey but i dig the sentiment:

  • Still after a bike for this lad, not having any luck getting in touch with the original donor... Cheers, J

  • I have a white mongoose sniper (I think) in my shed. Barely been used, but was left out in the rain before it was given to me as a.project. I've never got round to it. Just needs a once over, new chain and brake cables(which would need sorting). I should be able to Chuck in a pair of of pegs. Will make a tidy bike. only thing is, I'm in Leeds. If anyone travelling up/down though I can meet them.

    I was planning on selling it when I got round to it, but would be happy to let it go.to a good home where it would see some use.

  • Thanks, Malaysian, that's great but gonna try and source one in London so he gets it before xmas... I may still be in touch tho'... :]

  • I can only think of this...

  • But I don't think Samson would be keen....

  • I may be able to get a used/old BMX, off a friend.
    Will confirm later today.

  • Blimey Joe - he seems keen. But he's a Chelsea fan. That may put some people off. ;-)

  • Mike Vallely's hairs grown a bit since i saw him at Stevenage !!

  • Nuknow, you're a star!

    B&D, shut it! shakes fist

  • B&D, shut it! shakes fist

    This afternoon should prove to be interesting.....

  • If Malaysian needs any parts to help make his bmx up to scratch I also got a spare mongoose lying around in my dad's garage somewhere, will make enquiries..

  • Joe: i have an old Raleigh Burner in my office in Clerkenwell you're welcome to. the rear wheel is flat, but i think that's about it. PM me if you need it...

  • Well the offer stands, the bike is in good nick just needs chain and brake cables to sort it out, I'll have a look may be able to strip clean and lube the cables to sort them. Either way should be a quick fix, and I'm sure someone on the forum will have a spare 1/8th chain kicking about.

    Is it worth putting a thread in general just asking if there is anyone travelling from Leeds in the next couple of weeks?

  • If all goes well Samson should be getting his bike tomorrow, we tried to get it to him at the weekend but the snow caused a bit of a problem all 'round... Thanks to James Pistoffski and to everyone else who offered... I may get back to one or two of you about frames/other bits if Samson gets into his racing...
    Cheers, J x

  • nice thread.

    i hope sampson enjoys his wheels.

  • Sorry Joe, never got back to you.... but never got hold of my friend.
    The bike is still in Dalston though, for sure.
    If anything goes wrong with the offers so far, once I'm back to IngerLand,
    I will sort it out.

  • Samson got his bike at Brixton Cycles today... He fucking loves it... Thanks so much, James... Pic to follow... xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Good one Santa Joe, Christmas came early for Samson :)

  • "LFGSS - most hostile forum on the internet" - BR


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Wanted: Free BMX for young disadvantaged kid

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