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  • I'm sure they're happy at least 😬

    Usual rule of thumb for doors is 1.6mm gaps all round so circa 3mm difference in the whole length vs the gap.

  • Plumbing. Any tips on how to remove abasin tap?

    Purchased giant monoblock spanner but cat quite get it to fit.

    I now have a new (non leaking) tap attached to the pipes, but no way of removing the old tap. So the new tap is just hanging until I figure this out...

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  • I think you need a "basin wrench"

  • Previous owner of our house painted a blackboard wall in our kitchen that is constantly wet due to condensation. How can I get rid of it? A primer then paint?

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  • Ta. Will be ripping and then jointing by hand, my bench should just about take it.

    Good advice on using the correct blades, I'm a sucker for just ripping with crosscut saws and it always makes me hate woodworking.

  • Are the screws fully backed out? It get wd40 all over that as it looks like there's been a lot of leaking so likely to have stuck.

    Maybe hammer taps on the screw to loosen it?

  • Are the screws fully backed out? It get wd40 all over that as it looks like there's been a lot of leaking so likely to have stuck.

    Maybe hammer taps on the screw to loosen the main nut?

  • Screws can be removed no problem. Sprayed with gt85. Main nut but seems tricky to grab a hold of. Will try a basin erench

  • Primer won't do much Vs a durable emulsion.
    that wall is very cold doubling the drying time without a fan heater directed at it, if that isn't an option, don't slap a load on late in the evening (it'll possibly run).
    The wall to the left is a colour so it will look odd, if you know that paint and colour could just be easiest to use that, (but I wouldn't if it's a wilko type)

  • I doubted myself, and the internet says I'm wrong, use a primer - could be a pricey bit of wall

  • Where's good for buying handles? Need to get something for this but struggling to decide on what. Someone central/north where we can see stuff would be a bonus.

  • Thanks mate. Will be repainting the entire kitchene eventually so not too concerned matching the current paint. Will look into primer, not worth trying to sand it back somewhat?

  • Yes , in the world of perfection machine sanding walls smooth is standard, as it's a small area definitely give it a rub down first getting rid of the roughness and giving a key. If the wall(s) really can't go ~four-six hours without having condensation on it a summer heatwave would be a better time to do it

  • I'd put the acrews back in and see if you can get sufficient purchase on that to turn the main nut?

  • I now live in a small gated community. Just need to fit the lock now (there's a bolt on the inside at the bottom). Oh, and get some coach bolts to fully fix the hinges. And two more screws. When does it end?

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  • While I wait for more paint to arrive to continue with the wardrobes, made a start on mini_com's Xmas presents. Aldi toy supermarket and shop/theatre but re-coloured as per ms_com's instructions. Annoyingly, the supermarket seems to have been sent without fixings, so if they don't respond about that, I'll just screw and glue it all together.

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  • Paint arrived, still missing the last door. Infill scribing next

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  • Cabinet makers, furniture restorers: box of mixed cabinet and door furniture, ancient and modern, mostly brass, all surplus to needs, fiver to the first to take it away from my home (Kilburn NW6).

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  • toolstation milwaukee- m18 circular saw

    Looks like a good deal for £199 with a battery for occasional use?

  • On the face of it, yeah

  • Aldi playset 1 of 2 customised for Xmas present duty. There are three colours, just doesn't show up well in the photos.


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  • At £230, I couldn’t pass it up. FS 3000/2

    No more constant alignment checks of two 1400 when breaking down sheet material.

    It’s a big boy!

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  • ^ Excuse the mess.

    Off this week cleaning stuff out and the tip is closed Monday / Tuesday.

  • Very nice.

  • Finishing up with our kitchen install and it turns out our water pressure is basically too low for a pull-out spray tap. Giant Belfast sink and half of it I'll never be able to spray down to clean easily.

    This is it at full tilt.

    Edit; Jesus, are my wrists that hairy.

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