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  • Anyone gone Milwaukee Fuel and regretted it?

  • I don't think you will go wrong with any Red, Blue or Yellow...

    Only thing I would look at is what over tools you are likely to want in the future, I know that Milwaukee and excellent in the auto range of things (buzz guns, wrenches etc.) but I personally think both DeWalt and Makita do better saws, and they certainly have cheaper entry points for those things too.

    But that drill and impact will be excellent (as would the comparable Makita and deWalt ;-) )

  • I might be offloading my Dewalt impact driver as I'm tempted by a Festool one.

    Would throw in a heavily used Dewalt drill too...

  • Only thing I would look at is what over tools you are likely to want in the future

    I've been considering that too. Drill and impact are by far the things I use most. Next up is the RO sander. The bosch is still going strong there and is very entry level, so any other brand is likely to be as good. And the drill and impact being most used, combined with most of the work I do being "agricultural", I'm mostly tempted by the torque of the impact.

  • Just found today that the newest guy on my team's wife is HR at Festool.....

  • The only thing I notice is that they’re high output tools, so even the 12v stuff is mega powerful. They also have a high incidence of failure compared to other brands from what I’ve seen on site. YMMV.

  • high incidence of failure compared to other brands from what I’ve seen on site. YMMV.

    Appreciate the feedback. Not so worried about that as the TS replacement is pain free and I'm an enthusiatist DIY-er at best so they won't be abused.

  • Discount..... talk to me.

    I beg you.

  • Breaking up a concrete base for a shed (assuming i hire a breaker) - is this the kind of DIY job I’ll regret not paying someone to do?

    If yes, anyone recommend anyone in Forest Hill to do this?

  • Ordered that twinset

  • One thing I do like about Milwaukee compared to Makita in particular is the range in battery sizes, Makita is still in the dark ages there.

  • Yeah. An interesting thing as well is that majors have opted for the bottom of the drill handle battery placement rather than inside the handle like most others. It just makes the 12v drill and impact look more awkward IMO.

    I’ve had my eye on a 12v drill and impact driver for ages. The makita stuff doesn’t do it for me. Reckon I’ll end up going Milwaukee anyway. Shame their installation driver has that weird forward and reverse switch on top. I’d buy the festool cxs but I think the lack of power would frustrate me, and there isn’t anything else that use those batteries!

  • Also, new tool day.
    Cabinet keys and “I’m not fucking touching that” pliers.

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  • Yeah, If I had my time again, i'm not actually sure who I would go with, but I have a cupboard full of Makita stuff, sowould cost thousands to replace. My big issue now is that most of my batteries are getting old, and at £50 a pop that is going to be painful and not as fun as buying actual tools.

  • “I’m not fucking touching that” pliers.


  • Ruined my VDE pliers changing my neighbour's toilet seat (long story as to why, but they were the only pliers I had to hand and I needed pliers right then). Now perma-pish-rusted.

  • Same, all my 18v is Makita and I’m more than happy with it.

    But I just can’t make my mind up where to go with 12v!

  • I’m doing a lot of testing at the moment and have my hands in boards I’ve never seen before.

    I see too much of this shit to not be wary! Three phase incoming supply with the insulation completely knackered. Potential big ouch…

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  • Ouch. Still on the fence about whether I'd prefer that or my neighbours toilet.

  • 10 years ago I broke up a 10m long concrete path with a hired breaker; was relatively straightforward if I recall

  • Cool, thanks - I have about 3-4 weeks to get this done and a 10cm deep levelled hole dug so i can get some ground screws put in; trying to work out if I am biting off too much!

    The fun bit (knocking the old shed down) happened yesterday

  • Do you know ho thick the base is? I broke mine up by levering up sections with a breaker bar and smashing with a sledge hammer. Was pretty easy and quick. From memory the base was about 200mm thick.

  • Not sure TBH - I should get the shed panels moved off it so i can tell properly (waiting for the skip so I have somewhere to put them though).

    Unlikely to be more than 200mm, I’d thought that kind of thickness would need a proper breaker but good to know it might not! Not that i own a sledgehammer, mind. Will a pickaxe do….

  • Nope

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Home DIY

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