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  • Ah green, green is blue, blue is green haha my eyes!

    Also got a bunch of 65 + 100mm PIR board leftover so might do the ceiling an extra layer of insulation too (attic above with 450mm+ of mineral wool, but its the Uk, can pretty much never have too much).

    Forum fav = wickes laminate?

  • 300 is good. My BIL is plaster/builder. Was talk of 400+ a day near him.

  • I've just realised why I've been winning so much work recently.................

    Time to increase prices.

  • He's not working as doing up his new house, but been talking about going and getting some site work. Said when he was at Travis the other morning the manager from one of the big house builders was trying to get people for silly money a day.

  • Forum fav = wickes laminate?

    Warm and brown, it’s cork :)

  • Makes me feel lucky that the joiner has been 150 (I’m not in London, though)

  • I don't care how much I'm offered. You'll never catch me box bashing.

  • 3 weeks and I've finally got these bastard's done. None of the surrounding surfaces were straight, level or plumb so it took all of my know-how to hide it as much as possible no 2 panels are the same size but I think I got away with it. Got about another week of odd jobs left before I finish here for good so will do final sand and caulk last thing before I go.

    Pretty proud of these as simple design = nowhere to hide mistakes.

    Still don't think they'll go in the portfolio though.

    EDIT awaiting a delivery of shelf pins to be able to put the shelf in the obvious place on the first unit.

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  • Are there some handles somewhere?

  • Push to open latches.

  • Thanks, just curious :)

  • I'm thinking the same thing. (about money)

  • Struggling to find replacement upvc door trim(?). The plastic strip that takes up the gap between the wall and the doorframe on a double glazed upvc door.

    Anyone able to give me some key word pointers?

    A browse in Wicks didn't have any even remotely the right profile.


    Ps any tips for making it look less shit also welcome.

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  • Corded RO sander bought last July from Toolstation has just carked it. Used heavily. Place your bets on whether or not they'll replace it. Not fussed if they don't as it has served it's £40. Would just be handy to not have to pay for another one if I don't have to.

  • " If this 30-day period has passed, we will offer a repair or replacement provided that you report the fault within 12 months of purchase. If we are unable to repair or replace the item(s) we will provide you with a refund."

  • You want cloaking fillet. As for making it look less shit erm...... Give it a light sand so that the paint will key and cross your fingers. But IMHO uPVC will always look less than stellar.

  • In my experience Toolstation are pretty good at such things. The staff have an easier life if they don't argue the toss so are pretty relaxed about returns.

  • Amazing!

    I'm not painting. We're blessed with pretty grim doors so I just want it to look tidy.

    Since we only had the tiles up to the counter so I've had to tidy where the old tiles were removed. Pretty please over all. Just need to do a bit of tidying and siliconing.

    Saving the silicone for a single massive sesh around the house. Bought some of those Charlie DIY little form scrappers to try and do the best job I can.

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  • Charlie DIY little form scrappers

    I find the No Nonsense ones easier to use and get a good finish with.

    Remember to keep silicone away from any surface you want to paint in the future.

  • Have a look through the different options here. You'll probably spot the same stuff, or something more suited.

    As Bobbo said, cloaking fillet is the usual 'hide it' trim


  • Shiny new sander handed over with zero quibble.

  • Cheers all.

    Fwiw these are the ones I bought
    Cramer Fugi 5 Kit Grouting & Silicone Profiling & Applicator Tool Kit https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07H8K5W8D/r­ef=cm_sw_r_apan_i_G6MCWWWKMW0JGTBMKYCD?_­encoding=UTF8&psc=1

  • I believe that when this happens the warranty re-sets so if you can fuck it (not literally it may be some what embarrassing arriving at a&e and telling everyone how you "fell" on it) within 12 months you'll get another new one.

  • My cordless one might be a more gentle lover than this 240v weapon....

    But yes, the rolling warranty had crossed my mind. I won't go out of my way to exploit it, but will not lose much sleep if it does work out that way.

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Home DIY

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