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  • Multiple chins is also a problem as one grows older though…

  • I have a solution to that problem!

    The hem of my shorts like to chafe the backs of my knees so much that I can't actually kneel down for mote than 5 minutes at a time.

  • If no one else has said it I would not recommend drilling into uPVC at all, could result in letting moisture in and ruining the whole sash.

  • Your place looks so good (I have seen other pics).

  • That section is definitely not sealed so I'm not worried about moisture ingress, more about breaking something inside that I can't see.

  • Wasn't the skill builder Bixby guy pushing these the other day? Got a few floors coming up, might invest, i'm not as old as my knee's are*

    *turns out biking is bad for your knees**

    **turns out been bad at biking and crashing a lot is bad for your knees

  • Just found out there's a new Screwfix less than a mile from my house. This could be dangerous.

  • turns out biking is bad for your knees

    Oh no it's not

    Oh yes it is

    Oh no it's not.....


  • right - radiator/aesthetics question if you don't mind.

    we have a hefty 2.5m radiator (will sit on 10cm legs) for this bit of wall, which we ordered before we reluctantly agreed to the plasterers' suggestion of lowering the ceiling c.12cm (covers a multitude of sins/bulkheads/steel).

    anyway, now the ceiling has been boarded and skimmed, we have the theoretical gap of 3cm at the closest point to where there will be cornice, 7cm to the 'main' ceiling.

    Tempted to bite the bullet and order a smaller size (2m) - though as they made to order I can't simply return this one (only 21cm wide).

    tl;dr: is squeezing a big rad with only about 3 to 7cm between the top of it and the ceiling as bad idea/will it look shit? or is it a case of 'if it fits, it sits' and i'm overthinking it...

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  • It's always going to look a bit weird there, no? It's not really where you'd chose to site one if you could avoid it. I would have thought. Nearly flush with the ceiling might look better than not.

    What's the worst that could happen if you run with it?

  • Mainly the internal shame when the plasterers make disapproving comments on it being too big

  • He was.

    The Sparx has just turned up with a pair.

    I knew they were good because you've stopped doing the sigh of middle age when you get up and down.

    Didn't even realise I was doing it. I'm too fucking young to be that old!

  • oh thank you, its currently in a state atm. Bue hopefully the plumber will be finished by the end of the week and the plaster can start his mamoth task...

  • Will the 2m line up with the top of the doors? Because if so then visually symmetry is always nice.
    If not "filling" the wall also kinda makes sense, why stop a little short?

  • nah, they’d be 30cm or so shy.

    if the hive mind reckon to the top works, then we’ll certainly at least drop it in place and see - always good not to have wasted £500 on a custom rad too..!

    @Howard the position was essentially by process of elimination - fridge’ll be on the right of the room in the alcove, on the left is the only wall we can squeeze a piece a highboard we have, already another on the wall next to where the photo’s taken from

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  • Over-the-door "hot air curtain" like they have in Tescos is clearly the solution ;-)

  • oh whereabouts?

  • Norbury, just off the "high street" - https://goo.gl/maps/JwSc453G9BdPHRvt9

  • Doesn't even show up on street view it's so new

  • Do they restrict at all with the trousers? Might get a pair I need something.

  • yes I know it- really close. clearly only there because toolstation opened on the high st

  • Get some nice 100mm PIR board in that room, cosier, but maybe a bit smaller haha!

    Have used PIR insulation in the past as a double edged 'solution' to make finished surfaces exactly right for kitchen units to fit in without any PITA blank pieces, as those boards come in quite a variety of thicknesses.
    Think current 'standard' is 100mm on walls and 140mm on ceilings + vapour barriers etc. And for retrofit its advised something around 50-70mm walls and as much as poss in ceilings. Just finished doing a bedroom in 62mm walls + 100mm ceiling inside at least 600mm of stone, difference is insane (obviously spring here now as well).

  • hard to tell from the photos but the boards on all the external walls are the 50mm insulated ones - could always do/have done more there for sure.
    that said, the outside of the back of the house is rendered (sand-cement, cracked and crumbling) and we'll be stripping that off and re-doing with some external insulation in due course.

    edit: underfloor insulation still to go in sometime soon too

  • Loads of stuff is drilled n screwed into upvc frames... slot vents leave open holes right through the frame and multipoint locks and drives have large pockets cut out for the gearboxes.

    1- There probably will be, but I can't see from your original picture if there's tilt latches fitted in the top edge of the lower sash. Latches that unlock the top edge from the frame and allow it to be tilted inwards for cleaning.
    Those are the only hardware that's hidden in the profile.

    There may also be tilt restrictors down either side, to hold the sash when your cleaning it. You'll easily see where they attach and fold into.

    2 -The glass could extend all the way to the edge of the glazing beads, which are the 20ish mm bead around the glass.

    The only other thing of note is in the bottom corners, where the pivot bar is attached. That could be screwed onto the bottom edge, or up the sides.

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Home DIY

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