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  • Lesson learned about Victorian Plumbing...

    Victorian customer service. At least their products aren't slowly killing you. Hopefully.

  • The inside of my under eaves storage (work not commissioned/overseen/done by me) is just plasterboard.

    I can't say it's ever bothered me that much but now I feel judged ;)

  • Does anyone know where I can more of these 70's era PVC fencing rails please?

  • That your gaff? Those perforated blocks are chef kiss

  • If I'm honest it's general frustration at the situation the guy has got himself into boiling over because he said he'd get something sorted and it ended up looking like that.

    Also he is weirdly keen to have the wardrobes/cupboards I'm putting in featured in my portfolio but I can't do it if the inside looks like that.

  • That's pretty much what I said when he sent me the listing. Doubt you can get those now.

    @spotter those look like what are known as ranch style dressing fences - used by horsey types - but closer together, so try searching for that if you've not already.

  • I get that - presumably you get situations like that as a trade.

    he is weirdly keen to have the wardrobes/cupboards I'm putting in featured in my portfolio but I can't


  • That eaves room I'm working on was painted with just a brush. One coat of white over blue. In some places, over some panini football stickers. Not just for the sale either, it had been done some time ago.

  • Picture rails, talk to me. Can I put this up with adhesive and nails? Not keen to butcher my newly skimmed plaster to locate a wall plug. Drilling into brick never goes straight or is neat when I'm involved.

  • When our picture rail went up after some plastering it was glued in place but held level by some small nails underneath at intervals.

    I guess the builder used no more nails or similar. I filled in and touched up the small holes left by the nails. Not sure it's the correct way though.....

  • Are they timber or MDF?

    If it's the primed MDF stuff you could probably get away with using something like sticks like sh*t turbo.

    If it's the good stuff (timber) then you really should use adhesive and screws as the timber will be prone to movement as it acclimates. In extreme circumstances it can detach from the wall if not properly fixed.

  • Are they timber or MDF?

    MDF jobbies from Wickes. I just know as soon as I drill into the wall the drill bit will inevitably move (when it hits brick) and my picture rail won't be straight. Any tips are very welcome.

  • The suggestion from @midlife about using panel pins to set the height is a good one.

    If you don't already have one a good laser (and something told hold it at the right height) will make setting it all out much easier.

  • Correcto, and thanks

  • ranch style

    yeah i found that, but its hard to find anyone who sells them in non pre-made fences

  • time to get a nail gun

  • If you have problems starting holes in brick, pilot drill them first. You can usually get away with small plugs and screws for that kind of thing, much smaller than you normally see on site.

    I would use some adhesive too. The solvent free gripfill has served me well from time to time.

    If you're nailing mdf then drill pilot holes for the nails.

  • I like the sound of this. If people are nail gunning these (with adhesive) then that makes me think I can nail mine, albeit in a more analogue fashion.

    @Airhead great shout on the pilot holes for the picture rail, have seen people suggest this online and should make things easier.

  • If you're anywhere near North or west London I have a 2nd fix nail gun you can borrow for a couple of days. This way pilot holes are not needed

    Re drilling pilot holes, if you're using pins the best way to drill them is to cut the head off a pin then stick it in a drill chuck. Works every time and MUCH less likely to snap than the equivalent drill bit also is cheap.

  • As I'm not getting any younger and days spent working on my knees is becoming a problem I splashed out on some "orthotic" kneepads.
    They're sooooooo comfy and have a thigh strap that means you don't roll off them when moving about.

    They do make me feel like a duck though

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  • Do they cut off the circulation to the knees like a lot of ones do?

  • No because there's no strapping behind the knee (another reason for the thigh brace).

    They also lift your knees off the floor so that you chins are parallel(ish) to the floor which takes strain off your ankles.

  • Hell yeah, they remind me of Stone Cold.

  • Had to read that several times before I figured out you meant shins. I was trying and failing to visualise chins parallel to the floor.

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Home DIY

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