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  • Self-adhesive magnetic strips? We used to have those for some DIY secondary glazing but could also be for a blind.

  • Was the conclusion of the conversation a couple of weeks ago about double plug sockets with USB / USB C ports that there currently aren't any manufacturers making really good ones?

  • Im pretty sure thats what I got from it.

  • We have a few of them and they work fine. I did miss the original discussion so maybe there’s more to this than I am aware of.

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  • USB c sockets are new to the market so the selection is poor.

    BG make one if you were desperate, but there’s no saying how reliable it will be.

  • That’s just regular USB tho right?

  • I’ve no idea. It’s a USB. I’m not overly technical 😁

  • If it’s self adhesive I’d be interested to hear people’s recommendations for removing it. I have something similar I have been putting off dealing with.

  • It's definitely stuck. Can't confirm whether it stuck itself or something helped stick it. Planning to encourage it off tmw with a blade and see how that goes...

  • USB sockets have been around for ages, and plenty of the good brands make them. Sockets with in built USB type C ports are much newer and there’s only a couple of people making them - none of which look particularly great to me.

  • All the chemicals.

    White spirit, or isopropyl alcohol, seem to work on most things still sticky (and they aren't too utterly awful to work with).

    Acetone works on other stuff.

    TBH, even soap & warm water is good for a lot of self adhesive residues.

  • It’s getting the metal strips off in the first place that Has put me off. Getting a sharp and flexible scraper behind it? Multitool is probably overkill. I have all the solvents for dealing with the residue. Those Big Wipes seem to do a good job on most things.

  • Heat gun / hairdryer to soften it first?

  • The magnetic strips are usually pretty flexy so once you have a bit up, pull and encourage with a blade, hope the plaster doesn't all come up too.

  • Okay thank you so USB is a goer and USB C not yet 👍🏻

  • does 18 20kg bags of ballast and 4 bags of cement (5:1 mix) for 0.25m3 of concrete sound right?

    (shed base)

  • Good shout.

  • Neat, isn't it? Replaced a dual socket in the kitchen with that and it works a treat. Has kettle, boiler and coffee grinder on it.

  • I'm always very skeptical of USB-C chargers. The spec is so complex and the power levels can be really quite high that I pretty much don't trust anyone besides the main tech companies to produce one that won't destroy your devices.
    Same applies to cables. A bad USB-C cable can cause serious damage.

  • Be careful with the big wipes, they are not great when decorating. If you wipe down woodwork with them it's very hard to stick masking tape to it afterwards due to the moisturiser.

    Wonder wipes are better on that front.

  • Good to know, thank you!

  • This was my suspicion. Considering how dodgy/dangerous cheap standard USB sockets are, I don’t feel too enthusiastic about trying to cram a cheap USB C power supply in there.

  • Something like this would be fine right? Not that they're currently available

  • Something like this would be fine right?

    Probably, but it's USB not USB-C

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Home DIY

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