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  • Yeah I get that using non dimmable LEDs can result in flickering but I’m getting no light at all so trying to work out of the dimmer module is broken or there’s something else wrong

  • Concrete it, tarmac on top, finish with astroturf. Job done.

  • If you are capable of working safely with electrics then connect the bulb directly and see if it works. Or connect the dimmer module to a dimmable bulb. It's also relatively easy to test the voltage from a dimmer if you have a multimeter. It sounds like you are not really equipped to diagnose the problem.

    Dimmer modules do fail fairly regularly. I'm just not sure why you would persevere trying to test one with non dimmable bulbs.

  • Doesn’t that still need cleaning?

  • Yea it does but it can also be abused horribly and not die - unlike treated wood.

  • Talking of which. Fuck me I hate filler

    Thankfully this bit will be hidden under our deckshed

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  • I did ours a few years ago when we moved in. They were much worse. I used a bucket of lye solution and a stiff brush plus poured sand on the deck before scrubbing away, about 1-2 sqm at a time and then washed it off with a garden hose. Learned this technique when sailing old wooden boats years ago. Turned out great. I’ll see if I can find pics.

    Found some

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  • Nobody's decking is looking worse than mine atm. Not me that ruined it though.

  • My decking is part inadvertent trampoline. I despise it.

  • add me to the pile of decking haters

    wish I'd never installed it - too raised. should have gone for a sunken patio area instead

  • Nobody's decking is looking worse than mine

    Best thing I did was rip out ours and get it replaced with paving...

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  • wish I'd never installed it - too raised

    Same here, but I get to learn from someone else’s error rather than my own.

  • Mains water lead pipe is finally being replaced today. Then I have to lay a new floor in the kitchen, tiles there before were just laid on soil....
    Plastering and flooring to go and then a kitchen to fit.
    To think I was worried id not have enough time.

    Just don't look at the rest of the house.

  • Also side note.

    My water supply also feeds next door. This doesn't strike me as normal and nothing was on the plans when I bought the house.

    Is there anything I should be wary of here? My water supply is all in plastic now which then has a lead lock in the garden (under the ground) onto next doors supply - I've purposely put it in an area that'll be gravel should any problems arrive in years to come.

    It strikes me as odd as if my house was ever empty for a long time and the water was DC it would mean my neighbor has none. But looking at how old the pipework looks this could be originally when the houses were put on water supplies.

  • Not sure if this is the best place to post this but any advice on mitre saws. I've used festool and DeWalt but my budget can only go as far as DeWalt.

    I'd be happy with the DeWalt but wondered if there is anything else which might be better value in the £200 mark.

  • Evolution is also decent, but DeWalt probably fancier if you're going for that

  • I've never used any evolution tools but the snob in me isn't too keen. Is evolution any good? Better value might not be the best phrasing.

    Anyone used a Makita or Bosch mitre saw and found them to be better than the DeWalt?

  • Decking I inherited. Not the worst part either

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  • I'll replace it soon

  • That’ll buff out

  • The bind weed really ties the whole thing together.

  • Literally at the moment. Some of the wood is so punky I'm puncturing holes just walking to the shed.

  • getting triggered by the bind weed and remembering my battles with it over the last 12m

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Home DIY

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