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  • Fuck me cutting skirting in a Victorian house is shit. 34 boards in one room, half of them not straight (despite new plaster). Had to scribe the longer ones too.

  • It sounds like one of the friction hinges has failed at one of the rivets which can leave the sash only supported by a loose leg, so it's a bit more awkward.

    This may help>>


  • 'may', you say. This is ludicrously helpful, thank you.

  • Has anyone fitted an integrated dishwasher?

    Our freestanding one has died. The only freestanding only ones I can find to replace it that are both stainless steel and have a cutlery rack are £500+ but there's an integrated one with a cutlery rack for about £200.

    The kitchen is homemade from painted 18mm ply. The gap for the dishwasher is about 46cm wide but we could easily pad it if needed.

    Is it as simple as - buy integrated dishwasher, make a cover and plinth out of ply to match the rest of the kitchen, screw dishwasher into side walls of gap, mount cover and plinth on dishwasher?

  • Probably want to plumb it in at some point

  • That's guru level stuff

  • That’s what I did, the dishwasher will come work a template for where to drill etc…still took me ages and a lot of swearing

  • I thought 27 was bad! Got a couple of curved bits to deal with. Thankfully all a while off.

  • Pretty sure this is what we used. It takes a while to dry so best done on a good warm day.

    Cuprinol 5122414 Uv Guard Decking Oil Exterior Woodcare, Natural https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005A5NGJW/r­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_WH6J4XEE96XZN­DMMSGE2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

  • Is it as simple as - buy integrated dishwasher, make a cover and plinth out of ply to match the rest of the kitchen, screw dishwasher into side walls of gap, mount cover and plinth on dishwasher?

    Pretty much, yes.
    You can pack out your opening to 450ish, then as you’re using a custom panel/door cut this wider to cover the packing to maintain your razor sharp 3mm door gaps 😉
    I’ve fitted a lot of integrated DWs -the more expensive ones have better and more adjustment for height and level - but they’re all basically the same to fit.

    Top tip: when you’re adjusting the rear feet -this is almost always done from the front with a screwdriver- unweight the appliance so the mechanism isn’t under strain, they’re easy to break. Check that there’s enough adjustment to match the height of your existing doors/countertop- you may need to build up the floor (you can use strips front to back - the DW will need to be pulled out for servicing etc, or a full-size panel).
    Be prepared to refit the door so it matches gaps elsewhere (use/drill just a couple of screws to hold it on while first fitting)

    I have a cheap Beko integrated DW in my kitchen- it’s been brilliant.

  • Probably not a DIY job but I need a bit of guidance...

    This is the old roof vent for our bathroom extractor van (pipe with white hat on)

    Looks like it's been assembled from something? 100mm pipe and some kind of hat added?

    Assume it should be replaced with something like this?

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  • Final thing looks ok but gah, that was a horrible job. A wonky multi-material wall and the shelf securing screws not lining up by a mile meant a lot of swearing at inanimate objects! Two more to go on the other side now…

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  • Anyone know what combination of buttons does a hard reset on an indesit washing machine?
    Stuck in a programme loop I think.

  • Thanks @Grumpy_Git I'm in Ealing and would accept posted wood. Those recommendations look spot on, if the Argos merchandise fails me I know where to go

  • that was a horrible job

    Don’t feel bad - it always is! Looks good to me.

  • Thanks @absurdbird & @plantasia, eally helpful info. We're assessing where we stand on the DIY optimism/realism scale :)

  • swearing at inanimate objects

    I really need to get a grip on this. My profanities have stepped up a notch in recent weeks doing my living room floor. I also now have the knees of an 80yr old.

  • thank you - that's a great help

  • I replaced the one in our new house recently. It wasn't heating up, smelled bad and didn't open up all the way so the bottom tray smashed back in unless you held it. Fuck knows how the previous owners lived with that for 5 years.

    The new one was a faff because to line up the door with the rest of the units, it overhung too much at the bottom it hit the dishwasher base before the door was fully open. Obviously the reason why the old one didn't open fully. Even with a massive gap at the top I couldn't get the dishwasher low enough for it to work. I had to trim about 8mm off the bottom of the door in the end.

  • This looks great!

  • Cheers for the encouragement folks! Other side now done, I’m going to need more books.


  • Goodbye random brick plinths.

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  • Even in that state its an improvement.

    @fox will be devastated tho.

  • Nice one, sweep up and put the furniture back in, job done!

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