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  • We just bought a slide and play frame for the kids. It says it need to be treated with a wood sealer/persevative.

    Any recommendations?

  • I think you're right to be wary of doing that, a lot of stuff like that literally has cardboard inside.

    Find a nice piece of wood and do it proper like?

  • Osmo is very kiddie safe and they do exterior oil (although I've not used it myself).

  • I used decking oil on ours. This was recommended by the retailer. 15 years later - no issues with rot etc and children all lived! Oddly, child safety was never mentioned/considered.

  • Thanks @hoefla, good tip.

    @Fox, where does one just find a nice bit of wood? Seriously, my carpentry contacts are limited. Can you buy decent wood from B&Q?

  • We’ve just about fitted full size bath and separate shower, loo and basin in a 170*240 room. It’s serviceable but not luxurious. The shower is a 90cm pent and the basin is this very compact ikea one https://www.amazon.co.uk/IKEA-lill%C3%A5­ngen-Washbasin-White-60/dp/B00L9NXNT2

    Aside from compact loo and basin, the trick was to have the door slightly offset not in one corner. That obviously depends on whether your room layout can accommodate it.

    It’s a second bathroom and we very rarely use the bath so for us so it made sense to have the bath there and a big shower and no bath in our main bathroom.

    (Ironically, l have to have a bath pillow to stop me sliding underwater so with hindsight I’d have been better off with a short bath anyway.)

    Having a separate shower is definitely nicer than shower over bath, but I wouldn’t recommend such a tight layout for your main/only bathroom.

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  • Depending how big you need, ebay can be good for offcuts of nice bits of hardwood.

    Box store wood is often a bit pissed, and probably pine or nothing.

  • How much is a single double glazed window and frame likely to cost? Approx 90cm X 160cm. The top half is supposed to open but we've never managed since we've lived here. Tried with a bit more force yesterday and the metal slidey bit snapped leaving it hanging over from the first floor over the side return by a single thin piece of metal. I pulled it back in and have also clamped it as best I can but obviously unsafe and needs replacing - but not sure I want to drop XXX thousand on a full set.

  • FWIW I really like the shelf I did that to. It was a freecycle veneered floating shelf, I cut the end(s? can't remember) off to fit into an alcove, and added skinny battens on the sides as it's carrying all my Fancy Books. Took a lot of wiggling to get it in as I cut it quite tight and of course the alcove isn't square, and you have to slide it onto the floating mount. Of course it's no longer 'floating' because of the battens but they're pretty small and it feels super strong with no flex. I did consider hiding the side battens in the depth of the shelf but it was too fiddly.

  • Brill - i'll look into that then

  • On the lazer level chat earlier. I bought this one in green. Think I paid more, but it seems good and comes in a neat carry case with batteries.


    Came really quickly 4 days.

    Need to read up on how to use it.

  • the metal slidey bit snapped

    You can get that bit replaced if the rest of the window is serviceable. So much better as you don't have to redecorate.

    I've got a quote for a 2250 x 1050 window for £750 so yours should be less than that.

  • Ok that's good to know, thanks. They do all need replacing but could do with a few more jobs before committing so a temp solution would be preferable.

  • Friction stay will help in your searches.

  • Has anyone got a decent website guide for fettling UPVC windows? I've got a few that need a bit of sorting (don't close evenly, stiff/loose, etc) and a guide to see what all the various screws and stuff do would be easier than me randomly tightening and loosening stuff.

  • not much of a help, but have you tried searching youtube for 'upvc window adjustment' or similar?

  • Yes, there are shitloads of videos on there but, as always, it's working out which ones are any good.

  • Thanks :)

    I had assumed 'metal slidey bit' might get me half way there.

  • When you replace the friction stays on an upper window with limited or no access from below it's a good idea to put a ratchet strap around the window while you're working on it so you can't drop it.

    Once you've established the length of the stay it should be easy enough to pick up a pair and change them over. I've done a few that have side return extensions below them hence the strap tip.

  • I love this rain, and this rain loves me.

    I guess that I'm digging some holes this afternoon, unless anyone has any other suggestions?

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  • where does one just find a nice bit of wood?

    Not B&Q :)

    Specialist places are better. It does depend what you want though. I always just ask @dbr

    I bought a lovely piece of knotless pine (radiata) from M L Panels recently for a desk on his recommendation but as the name suggests they are panel specialists.

    As with many things DIY if you work out what you want and what it's called (often half the battle in my experience) you can then find suppliers via Google.

  • it's a good idea to put a ratchet strap around the window while you're working on it

    This is good advice
    Make sure you attach the other end of the ratchet strap to something though.

    I replaced some sashes for a friend in his 4th floor attic flat and utilised ratchet straps as a fail safe.

  • Our fridge has had a faulty seal and was largely open to the world, which meant the condensation tank overfilled and leaked onto the floor. It is a 4 month old one from ikea and whilst it won't cost us anything it's very frustrating going backwards. Kitchen out and floor up this weekend to replace it. Stainless steel countertops have just arrived which is exciting! 550kg...

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  • Holes dug, problem found - Cracked pipe, and a gully full of cement.

    It feels like a straight repair (joining the gully to the pipe with a PVC pipe & rubber rings) is not going to be possible, as there isn't enough clay gully to join to.

    Looks like I'll need to replace the gully altogether.

    I'm erring towards PVC, rather than clay - It will be hidden by those brick upstands, so looks don't matter.

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  • Where abouts are you? Would you accept posted?
    Woodwise are pretty good in Staffordshire and post.
    Hardwoodoffcuts.co.uk in brentwood.
    Saunders seasonings walthastow.

    For bigger quantities or more standard fare there are better options but these guys I've all used with success

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