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  • Cheers. Blum stuff seems to be well made.

  • Whyyyyy

    Radiator moved or replaced with a smaller one, pipe work was moved from above (the ceiling below has been removed?) floor board was raised, the one closest the wall was held in place by the skirting or the 2nd board was already cut - so joist was notched and pipe re routed.

  • They were separating, hence the reason for sale, but I'm sticking with the clumsy launderer.

  • Looks a bit like my Wren units. Check their youtube if so

  • That is really cool

  • @absurdbird @andos yeah, smaller rad. The whyyyy was a little rhetorical, they've done this one from above and notched the joist. Seems weird given the pipes run below the plaster and there were already big holes ripped out of the plaster for those. On the other side of the wall a smaller rad has been fitted too, there they just jammed them straight through the plaster.

    Given we found the pipes in the bathroom do a full lap of the room before being connected to anything, I shouldn't really be surprised when I turn these things up.

  • Full lap of the room! Free underfloor heating FTW!

  • If only. They lap the room in the loft...

  • This looks predictably shit, but, first go. Have sander, will fill.

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  • It looked marginally better about 5 min before the photo. Cleaned up all the tools, dust and dropped plaster. Started hoovering, went to check the soles of my feet, hand out to steady myself, all five stupid fingers straight into wet plaster. Managed to stretch what was already there over the holes.

  • You would be able to get that smooth, you leave it for 20/30 minutes so it firms up a bit, splash some water on it and use the float to smooth it, repeat this 2/3 times and it will be smooth.

    Each time you use the float you will pick up some plaster on it which you can use to fill any low spots

  • Cheers. Just gave that a go, helped a bit. Some bits had gone off too much. It's all good. I started with the notion that it would all have to be stripped off, but as it stands I'm sure my RO sander and some filler will hide most of the nasties.

  • You did PVA first right?

  • When you come to decorate that try putting Gardz from Zinnser on it first. Easy Fill is useful on top of multi finish too.

  • I have some 1-2-3, would that work? Have plenty of filler too.

  • Yes, they left half a big bottle of that behind too.

  • While we're on the subject of filling holes (ooh err) any suggestions for a product to fill the hole around this plastic central heating pipe I drilled through after the previous owner's builders just rendered them into the wall, complete with bonus pipe clips, lol (my plumber was particularly scathing about this bit).

    We've been using big hole filler for some of the deeper holes in the plaster where we've been removing skirting but it does up to 50mm, this is 100mm at the deepest, plus for the amount we'd need I'd be better off buying shares in Ronseal.

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  • Don't worry @Airhead we're using TX110 then Gardz® from Zinsser™ for all the small filling jobs.

  • I would tidy up the edges, paint inside and around with a diluted pva and fill with bonding coat in 3 stages so it is 3mm below surface. If you've got lots of holes to fill then buy multi finish, otherwise toupret and sand

  • I used to use 123 but Gardz is perfect for sealing filler and stopping it 'grinning' under paint.

  • 'grinning'


    I already have 1-2-3 and this room is going to be gutted/new kitchen installed at some point in future.

  • @absurdbird @TW these photos might help. I’m about 99% sure these can be taking any load from the roof. I can’t see a purlin and these knee wall posts end at the roof sarkin. Based on there size I’d say these were just used as knee wall posts for previous lath and plaster walls as you can see in one of the photos.

    But I have no real idea so advise/help very much appreciated.

  • Normally I'd use bonding over similar chases with wire in but there might be specific requirements for plastic pipes. Copper would need some kind of lagging but it looks like this never did have. Bonding is normally available in 25kg bags for around £10 so you might want to try and blag some from a building site. If you went for a more domestic filler designed for deep filling then Toupret Fibarex is popular and you would have something a bit more useful than 20kgs of Bonding left over.

    I'm not familiar with the stuff that looks like joint tape but that will need trimming right back before you start.

    Just found out that Toupret are changing the branding and names of their products this year so I'm going to be at a loss of what to recommend until I've found out how the range translates.

  • It's a decorators term for filler showing through paint.

    Whatever you have in stock is worth double anything you have to buy new!! I would go with the 123 in your case. For me the Gardz® is worth having, I've never had results as good as I get with it and I'm occasionally chasing wires and then refinishing the decorating.

  • Ah, thanks. Yes, the one coat of 1-2-3 I've managed in the living room does still show the filler beneath. But not enough to worry me that a coat of two of the chosen colour won't cover it.

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