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  • Apologies for the silly question, but what's all the coloured tape?

  • Reclaimed gym floor?

    I really like the idea if so!

  • Will you lose the paint completely? I put reclaimed squash court down, but the seller had already blasted the red lines off with what appeared to be 15 grit sandpaper on a grinder. Was probably more work sanding down his sanding marks than if he’d left the red in the first place.

  • Yeah it's a reclaimed gymnasium floor from a sports hall in Dundee.

    The whole thing is going back to bare wood and then being clear oiled.

  • Is it beech? Did ours in semi matte osmo polyx, really chuffed with how it came out.

  • Yeah it's beech.

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  • That looks really good.

  • It's getting oiled now.

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  • Really nice.

    I’m sure I read ages ago you saying it wasn’t getting sanded, probably a joke. So glad it was a joke. They look beautiful.

  • Nah it was always getting sanded. Up close it was really grubby and full of scars, most of which have come out with sanding.

  • Did it smell like Dundonian school kids’ feet?

  • Yes. That and his feet.

  • Made the furniture yet or browsing the forum in A&E?

  • Ha.

    Finished all my cuts today and practiced a bit with the joiner. Just trying to dial in the joiner to the 18mm ply. Tried referencing off the base but 6mm dominoes seem to be really close to the edge.

    Will try setting the depth tomorrow to try and middle then. Then make some holes.

  • One thing I do stick with is a single width reference domino to keep the boards aligned, then double width elsewhere. Referencing from the base the 6mm should be fine, tolerances are pretty tight in 18mm and it is better if you set it up for dead centre off the drop down fence but I've forgotten how to do that!

    If I find my notes I'll post them.

    Ply is tough on the cutters, I fitted a double decker bus with ply furniture and wore out a cutter, only realised when I was having to hammer the dominoes in place.

    Had a look at mine today putting it back in the box and it was made in 2006! By now it's probably saved me the purchase price in screws.

  • This looks great, well done.

    Did you put those radiators in? Happy with them? Ours are fully functional but ugly and I think we'll probably want to replace them at some point. I don't really know what I want in a radiator but these are better looking than ours (although ours did well for inherent compatibility with Tado).

  • That floor is a triumph.

  • If it's just the one, maybe take it off and take it outside to rinse it through

  • Are all the hose attachments to add a high power option a nonsense? Or do some work? Don't really want to buy a pressure washer (lacking space to store) and don't want the hassle of renting but have to do some outside cleaning ( concrete / wooden decking / possibly walls so long as it doesn't chip away at the render etc.

  • Looks great, how did you build up that slab for the tiles? Self level compound? I need to do something similar for two of our old fireplaces.

  • Rads are good. Very efficient. Look nice.

    I have loads of spare feet for then I'd anyone wants them. 26 in total

  • Don't really want to buy a pressure washer (lacking space to store)

    K2 control is tiny and does the job.

    Be very careful around render, mortar etc.

    Hose alone will do nothing other than make everything wet. You’ll need to scrub everything.

  • Yep, I bought a K2, was surprised by just how small it is.

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Home DIY

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