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  • Did some tiling. Gotta make good all around the surround and paint the chimney breast.

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  • Someone else had a concrete ceilings saga, maybe @Dammit ?

  • angry grinder

    Very much a good description of them.

  • I bought a thing.

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  • Rather a nice thing. Wallet a bit lighter today?

  • Great bit of kit, I have both this one and the big one. Worth practicing a bit before using it in anger particularly keeping the fence flat on the workpiece

  • For sure. It’s ‘ex display’ though so 20% off even though it was unused and still comes with the 3 year warranty.

  • Indeed. Building a new cabinet this weekend. Cuts all done - sanding and varnishing tomorrow.

    Whilst that’s drying, it’ll give me time to practice on some scrap.

  • I'm planning on getting an electric outdoor heater. 2kw power use and I'll need to extend the flex for a run along an exterior wall to an exterior socket. What should I use to do this?

  • That’s even better. Health to enjoy.

  • Trying to drill through the fugly porcelain tiles in our new en suite to put a mirror up and it's doing my head in.

    Destroyed one of these - fair enough, it's not meant for porcelain:

    So bought one of these:

    This finished off the first hole which destroyed the Bosch bit but is making no headway at all on the second hole I've started - I think it's now blunt. After about half a hole.

    Any ideas? I've not had a mirror since 31st March, and have met loads of new neighbours. It's not a good combo...

  • The Erbauer diamond bits from Screwfix seem pretty good so far. Particularly with the natty suction cup drilling guide.

  • If you don’t care about the tiles cracking/chipping (and they’re hidden), an SDS (or even just hammer drill) will make short work of it.

  • I use mine all the time, it's one of their 'unique' tools that changes the way you can work.

    Will be interested to see how quickly you get used to working upside down and back to front. Also depth setting, it's easy to go straight through an 18mm sheet.

  • I use the spade like ones. I've never had a problem but I think the drill power has something to do with it. Keep the bit cool as well, otherwise the cutting edge gets destroyed.

  • I was going to get one of these but got the Amazon one instead...

    All these bits seem to say you can drill fast and don't need water in the instructions but then everyone on the internet says go slow and use water.

    I may also have pushed too hard with hindsight and not let the bit do the work.

  • What speed? Best way to keep cool = dip it in some water regularly presumably?

  • Yeah. Definitely doing some tests before letting loose on the cabinet.

    Think I’m going 5x40 with 12/28 depth.

    Cabinet is 35cm deep so only doing three dominoes per edge.

  • I ignored that and went slow and wet. Had a cup of water to dip the drill bit in now and then.

  • 5x40 is the most useful size for 18mm board.

    Switching the depth of cut between edges and orientating the edges of the loose boards once you have more than a few to do is a bit of a 3d puzzle sometimes.

    At some point I found an excellent tutorial describing how to set the fence to cut in the centre of 18mm boards and it all worked very well. Since then I've gone back to the face down method which has some disadvantages. If you can figure out how to always work off the edge of the board it simplifies things. You've probably already figured out that the cut off the base is not centred on an 18mm edge.

    Also don't rout the end of your finger!

    I also wear ear defenders because the sound of it is annoying when you're trying to think about what you're doing :)

  • Usually in a bathroom or kitchen so under the tap or in a cup if you have one to hand. I don't know why I've never had a problem but I've had to help neighbours in the past and they seem to be doing everything right. Sometimes it's just by feel, you can feel the drill bit cutting or not.

  • I used to have a fancy diamond tipped core bit for glass tiles, which had a self-dripping water reservoir above it.

    For anything else, I just used one of the triangular bits & went slowly.

  • Floors being sanded this weekend.

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Home DIY

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