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  • I use old blunt cutting heads to cutout plaster or plaster board. Works a treat but a multitool can always be a bit wonky. Those diamond ones are generally for tile grout, especially if you need to get one tile out.

    But don't really try to save the plaster, it's very likely to get damaged. I think in these cases you're better off being prepared to make good. It can work though?!?

  • Need to buy a new Grinder, I say need I don’t but I want one and have money burning a hole in my pocket.

    I’m buying a brushless Milwaukee but should I buy a 115 or 125. That’s the question. They have just updated the models so going to buy the last generation one that doesn’t have a brake to save some money.

  • We have a 115 and just used it to cut through a 4 inch cast iron drain pipe, it made light work of it I'm not really sure what you get from 125

  • Ive got a 115 plug in right now, but just seen it and then was like should I buy the bigger more expensive one since im buying a new one.

  • I don't want to be a spoil sport, but this sounds like you don't need a new one.

  • But you cant steal bikes with a plug in one ;)

  • Any suggestions for tidying up this mess? Fill with what and sand back?
    kitchen cabinet door opening onto it would foul skirting matching rest of room.

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  • Make a fake grandfather clock to cover it up

  • Concrete slabs, talk to me...
    There is an old shit one at the back of my garden, I extended it with tiles when we first moved in to create a larger area for shed and dining table (it was previously just a large shed in the centre I would guess).
    I want renovate the whole area a bit more properly and wondering what my options are. The end goal is to have a slightly higher (half a foot higher) area with concrete slab top to match the patio bit connected to the house.
    Will I really have to dig it all up? Can I be cheeky and slab over slab? Google brings up lots of quite complicated looking methods involving bonding layers.

  • Hard to know without more details. I would speak to my builder for exact details but I suspect put stones down over the whole are to a level which suits. Then sand and pave on top of the stones. You may have to dig out the pice which isn’t concrete to get a adequate foundation. That’s my opinion - and I’m not in the trade.

  • My friend in Co. Wexford does this type of work all over NI and the Republic: http://greenbuild.ie/ . He's a super bloke, you'll be in good hands.

  • Thanks but it isn’t me who was looking for the work done. I have had all my building and paving done! (Until my wife disagrees 😁)

  • How deep is the existing slab? And how shit is it?

    If it's fairly deep and in decent shape, you could stick some steel dowels (old bit of rebar will do) in and cast concrete on top of it. Roughen, clean then wet the existing before casting on top.

  • It's difficult to see what you're working with as regards that door on the right of the picture. It looks like it's flush to the floor but I assume there is a gap. Can you share a photo with the door open or partly open?

  • Noticed this at the front of the house yesterday. Probably coincides with the animal (mouse?) we heard a couple nights ago.

    1. What is that pipe for?
    2. What should i fill the gap with?
    3. What's in that dark expanse!
  • 1, god only knows
    2, expanding foam for a quick fix, some kind of repair mortar for something more involved. Can be bought in tubs ready mixed (just add water) from screw fix.
    3, God only knows.

  • Looks like it is steel. Old gas mains in perhaps?

  • Thanks. Didn't know you can get ready mixed mortar like that! Will try that with a (half) brick i've got lying about.

  • Figured here would be better than the gardening thread.

    Can anyone suggest a more elegant solution to the paving stones.

    Throughout the winter that area is waterlogged. They are now under water.

    I've been packing them out underneath when I have a chance to raise them, which is working functionally, but it doesn't look great.


    (water butt will get moved)

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  • You've obviously got a drainage issue in the garden, we have clay underneath so didnt really drain well before in out grass. Dug it up and put some channels in with gravel.

    You could also lift them and put them down on a proper base when if done right shouldn't sink.

  • This is what I was hoping for... yeah pretty deep and solid, just not nice.

  • Make a grandfather clock to cover it up

  • That's no mouse...

  • Make an LFGSS-approved grandfather clock,
    which also includes storage for your gap-filling shrunken heads,
    and a box of frozen sausages for use with recalcitrant neighbours.

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Home DIY

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