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  • It's a good choice. It's not such a bad time to start. I did the installation/testing course as well. Just couldn't get into it on my own. I'm happy problem solving and small works.

  • Aye, I have no idea where I’ll end up, but as long as there’s progression available, and enough money, I don’t mind so much.

    So are you a spark? Or a man of many skills?

  • Anyone fitted an IKEA kitchen recently to a room without flat, plumb walls? Looks like we’ll have to pack out the hanging rail with some timber (~45mm) but I’m wondering if there’s a cabinet mount bracket extension readily available. I could probably get them fab’d but I can’t be the only person with this problem!

  • Is there any other option when you've got sticky wooden worktops apart from light sand, re oil?

    I've wiped with white spirit and that's not really done much. I've tried citric acid (mild) rather than lemon juice.

    I've got a feeling it's the cleaning spray and food forming a lovely matrix of gloop on the surface.

  • Look for space plugs. That might work

  • Not sure if this is the place to post this but does anyone know of a metal fabricator? I want to design a bike shed for the front garden. Essentially I want to be able to give a drawing to someone and for them to make it.

  • @dbr does a bit, or he might know someone.
    I know some people, but they’re all up North!

  • Jim on here does fabrication.


    If he’s not into it you could ask Adam, he’s a diamond.

    adam@canofgas.co.uk / https://instagram.com/canofgas?igshid=1g­xvs7ksruj9w

  • These marmoleum click linoleum tiles aren’t too difficult. Once I had finished fucking up the ones around the radiator pipes that is. Three attempts, felt like a complete idiot. See if I can’t finish this today. If I still have enough tiles...

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  • Never seen these, and need to replace the Lino in our kitchen. Will have a look into it!

  • Actually, better be careful. They could be dangerous

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  • We’ve created a faraday cage for our entire flat. Tinfoil hats mandatory at all times.

  • I have this tricky gap to neaten before painting. I’ve had some thoughts but would be interested to hear how others would solve it.

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  • That's not too small to tile is it?

  • No, but the gap is narrower closer to the party wall. It’ll look wonky and the tiles do not cut very cleanly hence why we finished on a full tile but it creates a problem.

  • Anything other than tile is going to look worse than a line of tiles that taper.

  • Tape the tiles and plaster or mdf strip if you happened to have moisture resistant mdf in the right quantity available. then paint it to match the ceiling.

  • Property maintenance probably best describes what I do. I did the sparks training because I come across a fair bit of electrics. It's almost repaid the investment in new work.

    I started out doing fancy decorating, stage and special effects. Then got making furniture and painting that, so kitchens and bathrooms followed. Now I also specialise in repairing sash windows.

    If possible at your age I would try to focus on becoming an electrician. Which means ignoring all the finishing and focusing on the technical aspects. That's far easier on many levels than my approach. I left it too late to study and now I'm known for what I do. The easiest money I've made is fitting down lighters though.

  • Yeah I think tape the tiles, a rubber float and ready mix plaster.
    Tempted by a small guide strip of dowel. Width of tile, that I can then remove and fill after too.

    The tiles have a crackle glaze so when cut pieces fall out. Luckily in the rest of the bathroom this is generally out of eye line.

  • They don’t sell little trim pieces from the same series?

  • Sort of like this

  • In flooring news, I’m two tiles short. FML.

  • If it’s not too cheeky, could you post or PM me what you are thinking? I was literally having this conversation with myself earlier and wondering what the best starting point would be...

  • Finished off the work bench.

    Great place to drink a cup of tea while I procrastinate and what to chop up, drill etc

    The fact the garage floor slopes down to the right is annoying so might need to build two small chocks so the bench is level

    DIY stuff on the left and bike stuff on the right

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  • They do a dome type piece. But it wouldn’t fill the gap.

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Home DIY

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