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  • Think the plastic parts of ours are caulked or probably just painted, looks neat.

  • My cheapo titan SDS just came with a chuck with an SDS end, something like this https://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-keyed­-chuck-sds-plus-adaptor/1447h

  • Yeah, that'll be my go to if I need to. Just a bit annoyed about the incompatible quick change one.

  • What diameter is the collar?

    I'd take it if it could fit into my drill guide and allow me to use my cordless drill with it.

  • i have a black ikea kitchen table that i've never really liked

    birch veneer with particle board underneath. How safe is it to hand sand it down to the bare wood? Anyone ever done it?

  • Sanding veneer is very tricky. It doesn’t sound like a project that is likely to yield a satisfying result IMO. It will be hard to get an even finish without going through the veneer.

  • Unless you have a Makita drill with these symbols on the chuck I don’t think it’ll fit. Seems like a fairly specific part.

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  • Can you replace the top with a veneered piece of ply that you like? Probably, since it’s IKEA.

  • Really like this.

    Bit of a dredge but wondering what kind of saw and workshop setup you have to make it?

    Planning a fair few ply wood based jobs in our new place but can't decide between ordering pre cuts pieces and going from there or doing the lot from scratch. Currently have a circular saw but wondering if I should get a track saw for accuracy on long cuts and so on.

  • I bought a Lidl rotary tool for very cheap. It broke within two months: the on/off switch failed. I had it to bits but couldn’t fix it. My dad has an actual Dremel that has lasted years. I replaced the Lidl one with a Proxxon, which is a thing of beauty. The Lidl bit assortments are worth buying though.

  • Shirting is my go-to whiter shade of pale.

  • I don't know tbh, the table top is pretty seamless. Not sure how I'd go about that.

  • Thanks.

    That was completely cut using a track saw. Would highly recommend one of you’re going to be using sheet material to make anything.

    Look a getting a track that is the length of a whole sheet too (2.4m) as joining multiple tracks isn’t always as accurate as needed for furniture.

  • A cheaper alternative to a full length track and track saw is a builders straightedge (sorry if that is not the correct term). My 3 meter one was less than £20 and I've used it both to just run a regular circular saw along and as a guide to slide my 1400 mm track for my track saw along on longer cuts.

  • this is the side/back of the house. the kitchen is inside this corner. Recently there has been a lot of condensation on the walls, more so than this time last year, so not just due to weather.

    This channel down the side is gravel on cement. I removed a section of the gravel. Also I chipped a bit of the cement that runs up the wall, which came off but damaged the brickwork.

    I repointed the back section recently, and added a coat of exterior paint.

    Thoughts/Remedial suggestions welcome.

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  • Bathroom pull cord is broken and needs replacing.

    There is more choice than I expected. Below are some pics.

    What do I need? What is the significance of 6A vs 10A in a bathroom context? We have shit loads of down/spot lights a couple of which often blow, if that's any significance.

    As you can see although there's space for some sort of 2nd line only one was used. I guess this means they've used a 2-way rather than 1-way, but that for my purposes it doesn't matter either way.


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  • Where did you pick one up for £20? I've been having mixed success trying various search terms in the last week or so.

  • Track saw does seem to be the way to go. Which one do you have?

    Think I will grab a couple of quotes for having the first job pre cut and see how that compares to buying a saw and extra track.

    Brutal that the track costs almost as much as the saw - https://www.rutlands.com/sp+workholding-­more-clamps-clamp-guides-extra-long-clam­p-cutting-guide-2750mm-rutlands+r3143?ut­m_campaign=Googlebase&utm_medium=organic­&utm_source=Googlebase&geoip=GB&gclid=Cj­0KCQiAmL-ABhDFARIsAKywVaefcku4BCNvjw7ctg­NTSeRaYPFhTpShyNN1VSrMRuoNwbjZ07djyq4aAl­vsEALw_wcB

  • I've got the Dewalt DWS520KT and the DWS5023-XJ track.

    Will last a lifetime for DIY use.

  • If you want to keep costs down, I got this one from screwfix on the back of good reviews from Peter Millard

    (who apparently knows his stuff).

    The one he reviews there is branded titan, and a different colour, but is the same saw.

    I've only used it a little bit, but it's been good to me so far.

    Though as @Soul says a good upgrade would be a 2.4m track. I do notice when going from one half of the track to the other. Fine for most things though.

  • How is it broken? Looks very similar to mine.

  • Not sure if it shows, but the very bottom bit of plastic under the spring is cracked.

    I did have a look at your post. But figured in this case it was better to get a new one.

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  • I have that same cheap track saw. Once you adjust the play in the track (there are adjustment knobs to make a tighter fit) I think it's great. He says having not used any other track saw. Lining up can be tricky too as it doesn't cut right along the edge of the track. I offer it up, lower the saw to my cut line, measure the distance from my cut line to the edge of the track then just make sure that is the same along the length of the cut.

  • In a sort of xpost from the EDC thread, I received one of these Sofirn sp40 today.


    I won't bother writing much in the way of a review as this does a better job than I can. But basically if you're after a torch, buy this one plus some 18350 batteries from Sofirn. It's really nice. In full/18650 size it's a little on the heavy side for a head torch imo, but in short/18350 it's great. Obvs ymmv and it depends how long it's on your head for.

    I went for the green one in 5500k as I thought it would see most use in situations where I'd want pure, rather than comfortable light. But also got one of these little C01 in Desert Tan and can confirm it's a nice colour/anodising and not mallninja/tacticool.

    Has a magnetic tail for when you're working on stuff and removable clips and spare seals.

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