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  • Angle grinder with brush attachment

  • Now you tell me. In truth I thought this after the 2nd hour of scrapping away in the cold garage. Will definitely try this next time around.

  • Also brick acid, brush on, it fizzes and then wipe off with water

  • Wear appropriate PPE though - the wire bristles like to fly off and embed themselves in things like arms, faces and eyes.

  • Absolutely this. The brushes are notorious for flinging sharp pointy bits. It’s a good excuse for me to go full dandy rigout

  • Also goggles and gloves are a must for working with brick acid

  • Can I have your guy's number too? I'm in Glasgow and looking for a floor sanding quote atm.

  • If you aren't happy to replace with IKEA doors then get a refund and take a look at DIY kitchens - lots of people on here have used them and I've only heard good things.

    They will be MDF but as @Airhead said, most kitchen fronts are. As long as they are sealed properly they are fine. You were just unlucky!

  • if you can, get Ralph Blair - https://www.instagram.com/ralphblairparq­uet/

    he does other floors, just not parquet. He restored the floorboards in my living room and gave them a stain, it looks cracking. Top bloke and a cyclist too!

  • Cheers, he's been recommended to us before and he's on our list of people to get quotes from.

  • he did our upstairs floors - can be a pain in the arse getting him though

  • Can anyone make use of these? Freecycle is closed until lockdown lifts and I really don’t want to send them to landfill.

    2x straight toilet wastes
    2x 90 degree toilet wastes
    4x chrome hanging rails 1219x25mm

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  • Looks great. Shame he only works within a few miles of his home location (but understandable).

  • I've replaced the G4 10W halogen bulbs in the Sputnik light fitting in my bedroom with 2W LED ones - all 12 of them. The bulbs are nice and bright but the transformer's now making a high-pitched faint ringing sound. I take it I need to swap out the transformer for a DC LED driver? If so, any recommendations? It needs to be quite weeny as the shroud at the top of the light fitting which conceals the transformer is about 12cm in diameter.

  • Cheers. SDS looks like a good option.

    Also answering my own question a bit here, mainly for when I need to search for it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/directhomesol­utionsltd looks to have a lot of Hafele stuff at decent prices.

  • What would be the obvious reason for a number of pendent bayonet light fittings not working with one contact looking burnt. There are three rows of 6 fittings, each row is on a separate switch, and a around a third have gone in the same way, new bulbs don't work.
    They are old style brass fittings similar to this and look to have been fitted by an electrician. On each fixture, the twisted cable from ceiling to lampholder has a small bit of earth tape on it.

    I can replace the broken lampholders but don't want to do this if it's just avoiding a bigger issue. It's a new studio I have just moved into.

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  • Probably overkill, but what the hell, I've never used a plate compactor before.

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  • Nice space. The bayonets might have been damaged by handling or the fit between the bulb and bayonet was poor and some arcing occurred. Quite often people don't expect a bayonet and try to unscrew the bulb which can deform some of the cheaper thinner types.

    They are pretty simple to replace, seems like that would be something to try. Especially if they are not currently earthed as that suggests they are not a recent CE type.

  • Can anyone identity this hinge? Its on a bifold kitchen cabinet. Blum, so sold via screwfix, but is this a 90° or 110° or 170°....

    This will be my third replacement purchase so keen to get it right this time.

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  • 5 down, 3 to go. Soooooo much mortar to mix. By the time I've finished, the base for the new bin store will weigh over half a ton.

    And be rated for anything up to small lorries.

    If a thing's worth doing...

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  • get a quote for the remedial work

    Why oh why is this so difficult. Can't even get more than one quote for sanding the floor. Seems to be a bit of a thing for either never answering the phone, or never responding to emails, or if they come to visit saying "we will send a quote" and then not sending a quote, or answering enquiries with "please ask me again in 3 months".

    Fuck sake it's like pulling teeth. I genuinely want to pay people for work. But they don't seem to want or need it.

  • chronic problem with all trades ime from renovating two places now. took an age for us to get hold of ralph for our flooring - we were willing to wait, due to the finish. we've used surface+ for other flooring in the past (and we're getting him back out to do the cork in our living room soon). think he's just got into sanding as well - he was telling me his prices are around £30-35 psqm. might be worth a look? owner lives in perth so maybe services edinburgh too. https://www.instagram.com/surfaceplus_/

  • Cheers. Appreciate that.

    Hard to see why firms don't just put ballparks prices on their website. Would save them a lot of time doing estimates.

    Edit: because I'm yet to see an estimate that is more than just a square metre rate multiplied by an area.

  • Sorry to jump on the floor sanding chat but i'm debating whether to have a go at doing out bedroom myself. I have no idea what state the boards are in yet as I haven't lifted the carpet yet... Anyone got any hot tips for DIYing it?

  • There was a bunch of discussion a few months ago, I found it by searching the thread. This isn't a dig, just meant to be helpful !

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Home DIY

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