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  • How hard is it to make a small front garden wall? What might you expect to pay?

    I’ve got reclaimed bricks from our removed chimney and front wall is on its last legs so seems like an opportune moment.

  • For curiosity's sake, have you got a photo? I'm in Leeds so could probably collect. I don't actually need any right now, but you know how it is.

  • Here's when lightly sanded. I'll dig out pic of current condition and add here in a mo. Now added too

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  • I'll try not to. Although your tag might just have raised the profile of my post.

  • Without stating the obvious, it depends on size. What’s there now?

    Might you get away with repointing it or rendering it?

  • It’s a small wall, probably 1m high by maybe 2.5m - 3m wide, think it’s single brick. Not of the same brick as the house.
    Ideally I’d get ride of the small patch of gravel between that and the house and tile that too, the gravel area is about the width of two wheelie bins.

  • i've got some rigid flat rectangular ducting that provides ventilation for my bathroom. It runs through the bathroom ceiling and into the adjacent room down the wall and into the floor and onwards.

    I want to cut a hole in the section of ducting in the adjacent wall and fit a vent grille over it so that the room gets better moisture extraction - as it is where I often dry my clothes.

    What's the best way to do this cleanly and without cracking the plastic - dremel rotary tool then velcro patches for the grille over the hole?

  • Any suggestions for a diy suitable shoe that has no laces and can be kicked in and off easily? Doesn't need to be steel capped or anything, but more durable than a regular loafer.

    Forever going in and out of the house to work shop and bending down to take shoes on and offer grows old.

  • Briars gardening clogs do this for me - do covet the leather version from Birkenstock

  • Electrician I've been working for wears Crocs, I shit you not.

  • crocs are full on dad shoes and actually extremely pro when you think about it so get them

  • Crocs, without holes if you want to fly under the radar from two or more blocks away.

  • Solid Gear - Ocean or Cloud are pretty good. The Boa lace system means you can kick them on or off all day or tighten and loosen them quickly if you need them more secure.

    I'm only partly serious as they are expensive but they would last a long time doing diy duties. They do have a composite toe cap too which might be overkill.

    Solid Gear - Bushido Glove is quite tempting too.

  • Shell toe Adidas with the laces tied to lift the tongue.

    The shell toe has the advantage that it protects your toe when either kneeling or half kneeling, and for resting moderately heavy things on it.

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  • That photo made me gag a little.

  • Fwiw I used to use Lidl Crocs but they have now been moved to slipper duty since my slippers died.

    Probably one more for the WFH thread, but if anyone has a suggestion for something like Crocs in terms of comfort but with a higher WAF I'd love to know.

  • Sorry.

    Bought in 2006.

    So they've stood up well.

  • Crocs for every day diy and reebok classic if it's a dirty job

  • like Crocs in terms of comfort but with a higher WAF

    what's a WAF ?

  • I saw this used on another thread, wife acceptance factor

  • Haha, actually just found the Wikipedia article 😅

    @hugo7 how about classic Birckenstocks? They also do them made out of EVA in a range of colours which seem to be considered quite fashionable

  • .

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  • Not a bad shout.

    This will probably trigger the Birckenstock fetishists on the leather shoe thread, but aesthetically I genuinely don't see much to differentiate them from Crocs.

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Home DIY

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