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  • Vesa mount jury rigged to a couple of chair gas lift columns?

    Or just a shelf with a couple of chair gas lift columns.

  • This, but with a chair gas lift instead of a car boot gas lift, and not so fugly.

  • If you want to do it properly....

  • That’s super helpful, cheers!

    Although I am keen to endure with the sash weight counterbalance - we’ve hung onto the bloody things, and now I might actually be able to put them to use.

  • Bit rich for my tastes, and I’m keen for the project as much as anything.

  • Dredging my previous grinder chat.

    Saw this budget Makita (M9502R/2) 570W grinder for ~£30 which is cheap enough to justify at the moment.

    It's only 570w.

    Do I need moar power?

    I assume worrying about this is misplaced and down to watching Tool Time as a kid, but just wanted the warm reassurance of lfgss.com.

    Also what blade(s) should I buy as a general multipurpose cutting disc? Going to get a could of flap discs, anything else while I'm ordering it? Use is non-specific general grinding and cutting stuff.


  • Look excellent - what paint are you going to use for the frames/masonry?

  • Would I be foolish to attempt to change the door seal on a (3 year old) Seimens washing machine? YT videos look a bit complex but we called someone and they started saying the seal is 'unusual' and would be £120, when all the evidence is to the contrary and £60

  • Absolutely no knowledge but a seal going on a fairly new washing machine does seem odd. I'm basing this on only one of my rented houses/flats ever having a new washing machine and none of the old ones leaking. Have you contacted Seimens?

    I watched this:

    Which seems simple enough.

    My two main concerns would be; 1) ripping the new seal (or fucking one of those string things) and 2) cheapo rusted bolts being a pig to remove. So as long as you're prepared to spend the money on two seals and someone to fit them, I'd have a crack.

  • I've changed my Bosch washing machine door seal twice (machine is about 15 years old). It's fairly easy but there are a couple of bits that could go ping if you aren't careful. I believe Siemens and Bosch appliances have a lot in common.

  • I suspect it's related to the quantity of dungarees in our household – the seal is torn up in a couple of places. I superglued one successfully but we're now missing a bit and water squirts out of the bottom of the door sad face

  • Good to know, thanks. I reckon I'll give it a shot, I think I'm prepared to fuck it up for the cost of a seal!

  • Can anyone recommend a semi permanent wood glue? Does such a thing exist?

  • Hot melt glue? You might be able to warm it up again to free it.

  • it'll be fine. i picked up a makita grinder for 50 a couple of months back. b+Q i think.

    i don't rate the normal grinding discs you get. they're too clumsy for actual grinding and too thick for cutting. i'd get a proper thin cutting wheel (or a pack) and flap discs.

  • oh and a wire brush is good

  • Got the bloody door in. Had to cut and plane down the width of the wooden frame quite a bit to fit the hole in the concrete wall. Some might question our choice of door but it's a 60s house and all the other doors look like this so the goal was to keep it looking reasonably original.

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  • looks good imo

    changing doors seems like it should be one of those things that is very simple but is actually a PitA in practice

  • Speaking of doors, any recommendations for someone to fit one in North London.?Will need a frame fitting too.

  • Currently digging down in to my garden in preparation to build a deck. Is there something I can use to check my levels against the house on the other side of a 5m patio?

    The garden's about 12m long so I feel like a level and string isn't going to cut it for accuracy.

  • Correct answer is a rotary laser level, but they are a few hundred, so might be a hire job. Cheaper solution is a builders line with a hanging spirit level.

  • A water level .

    You only really need one end to measure with - I just chucked the other into a bottle of water, which was used as the datum.

  • That seems like it could be accurate enough. Was going to get one anyway to set out the footings, assumed they came much shorter than that.

  • A taught string and a line level will work fine.


    Put the level at one end of the string but not in the middle to prevent sagging.

  • I levelled a timber floor to a level that is better than my spirit level

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