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  • This wet and fix.
    Will it help solve shitty plasterboard?

  • I think the implication was that the sale was completed outside of eBay, at a discount, and so seller avoids paying fees

  • the cushions

    Just had a look, they're IKEA "Kuddarna".

  • Not sure what the previous owners of this place were trying to do with the doors but after 5 years I got curious and prised the panels off. It's just shitty hardboard.

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  • Lovely

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  • Hours with a heat gun and scraper followed by a week of painting

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  • I've done 7 doors so far like this. Last one is getting stripped today. Maybe I should've had them dipped

  • ^That's all straight from the @amey playbook!

  • You did it right. I’ve heard dipping can strip the glue out of joints and ruin the structure of doors long term.

  • Not sure what the previous owners of this place were trying to do with the doors

    It’s probably been there since the 60s. Panel doors were seen as really old-fashioned so it was a really common DIY to make doors look sleek and modern. I think staircase ballistrades often got boarded as well.

    (I’m not old enough to remember it happening, but I remember a few decades later everyone ripping off panels in the hope of finding original features)

  • It's taken so long to do and the finish isn't great - a few rough globs on the mouldings where I didn't manage to scrape it all and missed with the sanding but it's ok I guess

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  • Stairs are next on the list. I stripped this with paint stripper and it took ages. Good use of remote all hands meetings at work though

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  • Top work. Doors look a million times better.

  • but it's ok I guess

    It'll bug the hell out of you for a week then you'll forget about it.

  • First coat of Polyx down. Slightly behind on schedule, so won’t be able to recoat until 1am, whoops.

    Also, missed a couple spots on the final sand that I filled with glue and sawdust, which stand out a bit as the glue resists the polyx. Annoying, but inevitable. I’d say I’m 80% happy with it, which is above average for these endeavours.

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  • Last one. Door 8 of 8. Kill me. I don't have enough kpop for this shit.

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  • I don't have enough kpop for this shit.


  • 80% now, 100% a year from now.

  • Wow, we had a couple of doors dipped years ago, though it was still a lot of work to dig out all the remaining paint bits. Well done.

  • Blimey, I'm pretty sure last time I stripped wallpaper, I said it was the last time. This has taken a good few days to get our bedroom to a reasonable surface for the plasterer to skim coat. At least another day of prep work to go too. Removed to poorly built built-in wardrobes too. Doors have been sent off to be stripped and waxed.
    Roofer coming on Wednesday to replace the lead roof above the bedroom window as it's cracked. Boo

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  • Skirting boards. Talk to me.
    I'm missing a few bits and have the plasterer coming next Monday so need some matching bits by then. Is there anywhere that I could reasonably quickly take some off the old stuff and get some identical stuff made? Bonus if inside M25, double bonus if close to SE London.
    Edit 1930s

  • Fortunately the issues are definitely fixable if they annoy me enough over time. But as you say, I’ll probably just learn to live with it!

  • Hobbit hut / hill hut coming on!

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Home DIY

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