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  • Very impressive loft organisation!

  • What is the “easiest” to change a 1G to a 2G socket
    I know you can get converter but i was thinking that because the back boxes is surface mounted I could just fit one for a 2G and connect up

  • A new home for Bob:

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  • Nice.

    Are you planning on regularly pressure washing it too?

  • It's a housing cooperative in Denmark. Having surveyors around would be very unusual. Usually you just have a sparky and a plumber look at the absolute basic stuff and then a 'valuar' to give an estimate of the value of whatever improvements have been made. But a large amount of drop ceilings in Danish apartments aren't made up to code. @Lolo will have two weeks after moving in to get it looked af and then he can claim money back from the seller as the board of the housing cooperative will withhold a large part of the cost of the apartment for around a month.

  • In principle yes, as it's surface mounted.

  • Paging the oracles - I’m having a go at my first proper woodworking project. Pine wood, will be outdoors, plant pot shelving thing. Was planning to treat with Teak Oil. Will this be effective on pine? Should I prime the pine? Should I use something else? Should I apply the oil (or whatever) before or after assembly? Muchos gracias!!

  • Paint is more durable generally, but a lot depends on the look you’re going for.

  • I wouldn't use pine for an outdoor project (unless it's something really special like pitch pine).
    If you are set on using softwood then cedar is just as easy to work and will survive being in the elements much better wouldn't need treating either.

    If you already have the pine and are determined to proceed then I'd mix 2 parts mineral spirits with one part boiled linseed oil or tung oil and melted wax from a tealight. Oil finishes are great but in terms of long term protection they sit on the surface and will eventually wash off. Using the mixture I've suggested allows the oil to penetrate the wood much more and the wax helps to form a really good waterproof layer.

    Always apply finishes after assembly.

  • I expect so. Should be ok for the summer, and will keep an eye on the surface for slickness.

    Will get some decent quality removable jigsaw mats for the top if I end up using it very regularly for martial arts training.

    The base is fairly high because it’s on 2x8 timber, with a view that at some point in the future, the decking will come off and a 3.5x3.2 garden studio will use the same base.

  • The bathroom drain is not to current regulations and the seller is sorting that out before we move in. I'm not too worried about the entrance ceiling tbh, it's such a small area, I reckon they had some leftover from the kitchen and carried on.
    There are signs of shoddy workmanship, for example the kitchen cabinets' screws protruding in the adjacent bedroom, but how could I say no to that quote.

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  • This is a very good wall tattoo indeed.
    I thought the cappucino latte macchiato ones were the best, but this is soo inspirational!

  • Do they read it each night before bed, then again once awake? They must be very interesting people

  • They must've been very interesting people


  • ... what did you do with them?!

  • I don’t expect it to last forever, and pine* is what I have - I picked up a car full of random stuff from Whittens before it closed, so it’s what I have. First project and if it lasts this year I’ll be happy!! Would I be better painting it? Open to ideas!!

    *how do you work out what wood is? I’m guessing it is pine!!

  • Their lifestyle did it, in the bedroom, with a flying dream.

  • how do you work out what wood is? I’m guessing it is pine!!

  • how do you work out what wood is? I’m guessing it is pine!!

    Pine is a catch all term for all kinds of white softwood. Differentiating between white softwood can be...... Challenging. The most common clues are in the grain pattern and the smell.

    There are many books written on the subject of the identification of wood, their characteristics and best uses. This book is a good resource for those new to woodworking and provides a good overview of the most popular types of timber for woodworkers.

  • Love this. I dream of having this set up at some time.
    You probably have this sorted, but id cover the helmets, either pop them in a bag or a crate or you'll be fighting through the dust and spiderwebs next time you want to use them.

  • Sorry that was a dickhead comment by me in reference to a forumunger's complaints about their neighbour's outdoor punching bag.

    It looks good. 👍

  • Another question on this room Need to replace a couple of split boards out of shot. You just about can see in photo some of the gaps between boards are quite large (10-12mm), both along the length and at the joins.

    To fix this, can I "just" lift all boards and relay them closer together (starting on opposite wall pictured, numbering, watching out for wires/pipes etc.) fitting new boards where needed? Or is there something I'm missing?

    Will most likely need to fill smaller gaps with slivers, then sand and stain the whole thing...

  • One of our neighbours has an outdoor hot tub, and while furloughed has been simmering himself to the sound of loud club music for many hours a day.

    Don’t think my occasional workout will cause too much issue...

  • See if you can still get those bubble bath balls then chuck a few in their while their relaxing with their eyes closed.

  • What is the safest way to extend the wires into this plug? Bearing in mind I want it to be fairly neat.

    I want to move the plug about 200cm.


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Home DIY

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