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  • I have also not seen a shaver socket USB plug before

  • Fixture for a moveable vanity mirror?

  • Shaving mirror?

  • Cheers. Further investigation (I unplugged the plug that I'd been told was the cooker and the cooker still came on) suggests that there is possibly 30A wiring so an electric oven could be back on.

  • Of course! Thanks for this

  • With that said and rule out any restriction on the pipe work

    Just spoke to my colleague who has come to the conclusion

    Have you got an internal PRV?

  • Can you use pumps with combi boilers? I didn't think you could.

    We're in a block of 70 flats and have adequate but weakish water flow. Not enough for a good shower really. No room for tanks. I'd also fit a pump if I thought it was possible.

  • internal PRV?

    There's one on the boiler, if you mean inside our flat, otherwise no.

  • But your getting 4.5mhd before or after the boiler. It’s your cold water main that is important

  • That's straight from the cold tap, pre-boiler.

  • Anyone have experience with thin insulation such as Aerogel or anything similar?

    I have a very cold solid wall constructed porch and I want to try and insulate internally loosing as little space as possible. I’d ideally like to use something minimal and lay drywall on top.

  • Look for a restriction I’m not sure how much suction pressure the pump will need in order for it to work.

  • I've got a plumber coming over on Tuesday morning to remove the old buggered stopcock, let see if that's a restriction. That would restrict flow rate rather than pressure though I'd have thought?

  • pressure and flow rate are linked/proportional I think...

    somethingsomethinglaminarflowsomthingBer­noulli (the clunking sound of a vague memory of the fluid dynamics module I did at uni)

  • Both, if it’s a bottleneck in the pipework.

  • Put a door in the garage so we can get to the car without going into the drive. good for the kiddos.

    Need to make a landing for the door.

    Opinions? Cant seem the find the same pavers so that's not an option.

    I'm leaning towards aggregate concrete, but I'm not excited about it.

    Could also lay down stone slabs and fill in around the edge with gravel.

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  • 48 new blocks at as close a match as you can find - use them to replace some of your existing blocks randomly (that way you're only introducing a minor variation in hue / tone in a random pattern) and use the newly liberated old blocks in the doorway?

    Alternatively there are people (Met. Police for example) who suggest gravel walkways deter burglars because you can't walk quietly on them...

  • hmm thats not a bad idea.... I hadn't thought of that.

  • Like I’ll hear a burglar walking on gravel with the Melvins tootling away on the hi-fi.

  • I think the logic is that burglar types can hear their own footsteps and therefore know they are not being stealthy?
    Personally I've only ever used this line of argument with Mrs.E. when she wanted flagstones and I wanted something that could be raked over or replaced (without her noticing) when one of the mopeds has an embarrassing leak.

  • Thoughts? I have a Vado shower/bath mixer.
    The top dial releases the water to the shower/bath depending on which way it's turned) and the bottom dial should change the temperature. It doesn't. We just have one temperature of hot shower, which honestly is OK for now but not OK for bathing an infant, which hopefully isn't a million miles away. Any ideas on what might be required to get the temperature adjustment working?
    (excuse the limescale - could do with a scrub!)

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  • Thermostatic valve gone? Whip the dials off, probably a replaceable part.

  • Yes. Applied a bit more elbow grease and the tap came off (I didn't want to force it). Looks like the old thermostatic valve is cracked. A replacement is £70+! Seems pretty punchy but hey ho...
    Thanks for the nudge!

  • Personally I've only ever used this line of argument with Mrs.E. when she wanted flagstones and I wanted something that could be raked over or replaced (without her noticing) when one of the mopeds has an embarrassing leak.

    Hm, too bad I didn't think of that for our basement floor.

  • 2 questions if I may
    I’ve decided to board the ceilings downstairs now To get a better finished. Is there a particular size width to go for? I was going to use 12.5mm? And is there a way to determine what size boards to use to avoid wastage?
    And can anyone give me a guide in how to chase a lath and plaster stud wall for a back box

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Home DIY

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