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  • Ah, fair point

  • Virtually no sound even during a spin cycle.


  • It's amazing how much you miss the sound of bricks in a cement mixer when it's gone.

  • I'm attempting to wire in 4 pendant LED bulbs from one mains cable. It's for a friend's new room in a warehouse.

    He is on a budget and it will only be up for 4 months. Does everyone use spring lever connectors these days (like Wako) or is there anything cheaper (like terminal block?) which is still considered legit?

  • Where can I buy heavy, stylish, floor to ceiling thermal blackout curtains? Everywhere online looks worryingly cheap and not v thick...!

  • I got my last set from here. http://www.classluxury.co.uk/about.html Much cheaper than John Lewis or similar. Probably only of much use if you're in North London and can go and have a look though.

  • Close enough! Thanks @aggi

  • Would knackered door trim explain why the front door sound insulation is poor?

  • Pls thnx

  • If its going to come down a again I'd go for either. Usually every one has 5A chocblocs kicking around somewhere.

    I do love Wago connections when dealing with high level wiring though. No mucking around with screwdrivers while at the top of a ladder.

  • That sounds a lot. Let me ask how much our bathroom skim and paint was

  • That sounds a lot.
    My bathroom ceiling was skimmed and painted for 240 labour only.

  • so I have asked this old boy 50 years in the building game to get involved with the renovation of my house, this was the list of essentials he strongly suggested I buy at the local builders’ merchants to get started..

    skirting ladder
    tartan paint
    bucket of steam
    left handed screwdriver
    long weight
    sky hooks
    lead free pencil
    flat battery
    inverse shim
    box of sparks
    bubble for spirit level
    glass hammer
    lightbulb repair kit

    if you can think of anything else, please add..

  • a large industrial tub of everyday sexism?

  • Builders' store.

  • Nice little pre-weekend surprise that I couldn't not share. My kitchen sink has been a bit whiffy since I moved in and thought I'd investigate.
    Off to Screwfix to buy a new overflow as soon as the mrs comes home.

    Edit: The sink is being replaced with the rest of the kitchen in January. Can't come too soon.

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  • Small bedroom, how small? With a few assumptions let me break down how I'd price it.

    1. Labour for 2 people to strip, re-board and inspect ceiling structure for damage (including tidying, dust sheeting, moving furniture etc.) - £375 could easily be more though
    2. Proper disposal of old plasterboard according to regs. - £150
    3. 4 X sheets plasterboard and fixings. £40
    4. Skim. £200 Inc materials
    5. Seal and 2 coats paint £175 Inc materials

    Total £940

    In this price I haven't including any mark up that would probably be added to the price of the painting and plastering. Also I haven't included what you could call "insurance job premium tax" - ie it's common practice to add extra to a job you know is for an insurance claim because (a) the client isn't paying (b) if the insurance company is paying directly you will probably be stuck with 90 day payment terms (c) you may be asked to guarantee your workmanship.

    Edited because I did sumz wrong.

  • I suppose I deserved that.. see edit

  • I'm swapping out a light switch, but the labelling on the switches is different.

    The existing switch has COM, L1, L2 connected

    The new switch has "N in", "L in" and "Out"

    I'm pretty sure that COM goes to "N in", but I've no idea about the other two.

  • Better. As a reward I'll add:-

    Box of sparks.

  • Thank you. Really helpful. Not far from what he’s been quoted. Would you be interested in the job?

  • This guy doesn't know his ass from his elbow. First thing on your list should be a bubble for the spirit level.

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Home DIY

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