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  • The citric acid trick can be very useful if you've got limescale build up that is harbouring smelly bacteria but you need to use loads of it. More than a typical kitchen pot of it.

    When I realised that kettle descaler sachets are just citric acid solution, I started buying 2kg bags of citric acid for descaling our kettle, coffee machine, washing machine, dishwasher, shower heads etc etc. Much cheaper that way.

    I tend to run an empty citric acid load through our washing machine once every three or four months or so.

  • Hm, we’ve had our AEG for over 20 years so far, no issues with mould using liquid detergent, though hot washes happen regularly, plus a periodic empty vinegar wash.
    That’s a clothes washer, to be clear.

  • How much do you use in your kettle?

    So far I feel like vinegar did a better job.

  • Hard to say...maybe two or three tablespoons? Probably overkill, but gets the job done on five mins or less.

  • Ah. Ok. That's much less than I use.

    Maybe I'm just being too abstemious.

  • Sharing kettle cleaning tips in the DIY thread of a fixie forum.


  • Any recommendations for plastic drop cloths. Want to paint the ceiling without clearing the room of all the shit that's in there so need to cover up sofas, TV, hi-hi and all the rest.

    The ones I've used in the past appear to be incredibly flimsy and tear instantly whereas the ones that builders/decorators have used in my flat seem much tougher. Where should I be looking?

  • Got tired of sanding. Rented a humongous rotary sander (the red handle thing) and vacuum cleaner. Can recommend, sanded the entire room (the walls) in 10 mins.

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  • Is there a name for the type of bracket shown below?

    I'm going to try and replicate this with a picket fence at the front of the house but I don't know if that's a homemade bracket or the kind of thing you can buy. Searching is drawing a blank.

  • It looks homemade but a more elegant solution is drilling a hole in the top of the wall and the bottom of the post, using epoxy resin you can fix a piece of threaded rod in the post and then the wall. It works really well.

  • Would appreciate any input on the following. I have a bathtub that is overlapping with a window so can’t fit a normal bath screen. I got a quote for a custom L-shaped one for about £860 pound. Obviously for that money I would just use a curtain but maybe someone has any ideas about where I could get a custom screen made cheaper or even one made from acrylic or any other suitable material?

    Thanks so much. Will try to post pics for illustration.

  • Maybe get a custom laser-cut acrylic sheet? I haven't checked the prices but I'm sure it won't be £860. https://theacrylicstore.co.uk/laser-cutt­ing

  • Yes thank youI am looking into it. Just trying to figure out if that’s the best thing to do. Maybe installing the shower in the wall side might make more sense? That way I could fit a normal bath screen.

    Was just curious if anyone else ran into this problem and found a good solution to it...

  • Good point. We have soft water where we live so no issue with limescale buildup

  • When I realised that kettle descaler sachets are just citric acid solution

    Are they all citric? I got the impression that some of them are tartaric acid (I can't remember why). After I've run one through my espresso machine it goes into my kettle and then to descale the sink, so they're pretty effective. Hadn't thought about putting one in my washing machine.

  • +1 for bulk buying citric acid

    I also buy acetone (for cleaning anything that needs solvents), and toluene (for cleaning anything wax / fat / oil-based, like the sticky crap in shirt armpits).

    Mixing xanthan gum, glycerine and citric acid makes a gel that can be slapped on things to dissolve limescale too. And it costs magnitudes less than branded stuff.

    If you want vinegar, a litre of acetic acid + water is going to be way cheaper, although just as smelly.

  • csb time - At one point, I had a kilo of citric acid in a kilner jar, and my ex-Father-in-law mistook it for sugar...

  • Toluene is, erm, exciting - it's what the turbo-era F1 cars were running on. It's not a tremendously friendly substance.

  • I use it outside, and wear (mostly) appropriate safety (gloves & goggles).

    I'm not quite at the huffing it stage yet

  • Stoopid question, once you have 'glued' solvent weld drain pipe it is not coming apart without a great deal of work.

    Someone installed a flexi loo connector that has failed (is leaking at the concertina) so straight replacment isn't possible

    Edit - Angle grinder and being very careful. I hate clueless diy wankers.
    Also dealing with other peoples poo is fucking disgusting.

  • diy wankers

    Isn’t that the norm?

  • I know of the people who did the work, just pisses me off that ievery time I come to this house I am fixing the toilets. Tenants seem not to care about anything.

  • Project 'porch' in full swing.
    1930s bulkhead light purchased and on the hunt for some red reclaimed quarry tiles.

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  • ..beautiful! Looks like a gem..

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