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  • Your cable's a bit slack :)

    We've got one in the bedroom and I put it up - it was a pain.

  • WRT mixing things, do you reckon I’d need a cement mixer for the cement/sand mix under a resin shower tray, or is it doable in a (large) bucket?
    Tray is 1500 x 900 x 37.
    I managed with a bucket and drill mixer for tile adhesive over a slightly larger area but obviously the layer is a lot thinner than this needs.

  • Yes, worked out very well. Excellent product that everyone should have!

  • It's usually the kind of thing you can knock up on a spare piece of plywood or if you are really well prepared one of those plastic trays with surrounding lip (like a shower tray!) that you mix it on with a shovel. I don't find a bucket all that useful with sand and cement, the sand is a bit too dense to get it to mix that way.

  • Ahh I know what you mean. Having just chucked out all the old flooring I’ll get a tray.

  • cable's a bit slack

    Wife kindly made the same observation when she got home ;)

    I might live with it or I might not.

  • Simon Stålenhag

    Yep. Wife saw him at some congress or other and bought them. Are you Swedish too?

  • I might live with it or I might not.

    No, no, no.

    You will live with it every hour until it is straight.

  • I'm aiming for this

  • Nope, I just found his art online one day and got involved with a kickstarter or two, to get his books.

  • I feel slightly broken about not being able to get this integrated freezer / fridge door thing resolved. I think I should have bought appliances with sliding door fixtures as these have a very different setup to fixed hinge appliances. Research online tells me that they are not interchangeable so I can't attach a slider fixture to my appliances.

    The only solution I can come up with is to plane the doors enough that they open but the gaps around the edges are going to be huge between the door and cabinet...not ideal.

  • Hinges on the outside and door not connected to fridge door is another work around, but not pretty...

  • Just to check...it would be insane to screw into a fridge door where there is no manufactured screw hole. I know the answer but would like it validated. it seems some folk online are up for it, I'm less keen.

    What it would allow me to do is attach a slider which I think might work. Then again it may destroy a £500 fridge.

  • A useless £500 fridge as things stand so why not? Unless you can return or exchange it of course

  • I probably wouldn't go drilling into a fridge door

  • epoxy something solid to the door and attach it to that.

  • I thought about epoxy (or similar). I feel like most things will fail after much opening. the seals on these are quite effective and its a hard tug (snarf) to open the fridge and freezer door. I think I'm going to go down the planing route and just live with a larger gap on the hinge side than the other cabinets.

  • You’re trying to use an integrated overlay door in an inset location?
    I think your only option is to remove the sides of the appliance carcass.
    And then grow the old door, preferably with bits of timber that make it look like it’s inset (but actually isn’t).
    Study the way your appliance door opens and you will find that it won’t work without an unsightly 15 or 18mm gap down the hinge edge.
    I’ve had to do this a good few times when customers have shelled out 5 figures on a nice new kitchen with inset doors and face frames but wanted to recycle their shitty old worthless overlay door integrated machine.

  • Been saving my coin for these and finally they're here! A Banham L2000 Deadbolt & M2002 Deadlock!
    My goodness they're lovely. Going to fit to the reclaimed door that we scored and hang it hopefully this weekend. Both keyed with the same key.

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  • Will do! Thanks for the heads up!

  • I feel like most things will fail after much opening

    I'm struggling to understand what exactly you're glueing to these doors but JB Weld epoxy does not fail (if correctly used)!

  • Does anyone have any idea what this is? It's hard, there is plaster underneath and it's in a house built in the 1850s.

    I wonder if it's some sort of victorian wallpaper type thing.

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Home DIY

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