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  • Why isn't parallel?

  • You don't mean parallel you mean level and that is probably because it is on a slope like this door at Green park Tube

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  • Don't I?

  • That sets my teeth on edge. Staaaaaap!

  • Model trains, model cars, tin soldiers, more than one bike - oops.
    Meant for @Zebra_Cyclist

  • Top of fence is level, ground is not level. You could follow the slope with the top of the fence but it would look awful

  • She loves going to the toilet in the flower beds, but hopefully it stops when we actually plant in them


    We got an electric door installed today. No more getting off the motorbike or out of the car like a peasant :-D

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  • Finally saddle to bar drop can be accurately assessed.

  • What is the point of a picture of an electric door? Video/gif or gtfo.

  • Snap, had mine done last week... I’m at the maximum width for my style door, so have had to pad out, got colour pvc in order to tidy up the edges.

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  • Nice!

    Ours is definitely near the edge at 4.2m. I think they go up to 4.5m max.

    Like the green.

  • Yours is sectional? We had to go roller at 6m.
    Whole house is done in the green, looks nice, but is about 4x the price of white...

  • Yup; sectional.

    They could have just attached a motor to the existing cantilever door for about £400 but I hate those ones so we had to pay £££ to get a 4-month-old garage door scrapped/replaced.

    Still, the sectional looks really nice so i'm happy with the choice.

    We have a light green front door and were tempted to match it but it was a lot more expensive and everone elses garage doors are white anyway.

  • Yeah, not a fan of the up and over doors, take up all the roof space, amazed how small a roll our one takes up. Sectional looks good, slightly less industrial than the roller.

  • Edit refresh fail.


    Seriously though that is really cool.

    I wonder if it's possible to plastidip it? Although the total cost of paint would probably be prohibitively expensive.

  • DIY halp needed. I have inset kitchen units which are all handmade and lovely etc. I'm removing all the doors, sanding down and repainting and re-hanging. I've just "installed" a new integrated fridge and integrated freezer and went to hang one of the doors on the integrated freezer to see how it looked.

    I can't figure out why the door doesn't open fully though - the right most edge of the cabinet door catches on the cabinet which means the freezer door will only open to about 45 degrees. I cannot for the life of me figure out how this works. The only way I can get it to open is the slide the freezer forward which means the door is misaligned with the rest fo the cabinets.

    Anyone got any good ideas?!

  • That looks a bit odd to me. Was the previous one integrated?

    I would expect the door to overlap the cabinet (i.e. it'd sit outside the housing when closed, as would the rest of the doors in the kitchen) but yours looks like the door fits inside the cabinet. So when the door opens then it catches the side which stops it opening.

    Either that or a slider so that the door moves as it opens?
    Something like this

  • These garages are magnificent. I'm jealous.

  • @duncs cheers - it's a more traditional approach to kitchen cabinet making to have the doors inset. The folks over at devol and other hand made kitchen makers still do it.

    The previous one was integrated and retained the inset door, however it was misaligned so I wonder if that was the reason for it.

    I'll see if neff do some sliding hinges as that would probably solve the issue, its only a couple of mm that is catching. I really don't want to plane the doors down and have an increased gap if I can solve it another way.

  • @andos I feel your pain. Something that should be easy turns out to be a time consuming ballache requiring new parts/tools/etc

  • I spent the better parts of two hours fitting this bastard ceiling light yesterday. It's by Kartell and in case anyone is thinking if getting one, get someone to help and hold things while you assemble and fix it to the ceiling. Incredibly fiddly and easy to do something stupid along the way.

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  • May not 🙃 ours is a true gent and only poops if he can squat among tall grass (he prob thinks that makes him invisible 😂) Tbh I don’t mind picking from plants and bushes if he agrees to not dig 🕳

  • Simon Stålenhag, nice

  • Bit late to this but I hope it's worked out well. You can vary the drying time of the TX110 by changing the temperature of the water you mix it with. I've become very scientific about the amount of powder to water as well because it is so good a filler when it's the right consistency.

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Home DIY

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