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  • Coops is on the right track. Perma White is not the right thing. If it's regular paint and doesn't have any issues with nicotine or a lot of knotting you can denim it with a soft sanding pad (80-120 grit) and use Zinnser 123 which comes in a blue tin. If you want to cover staining on wood or prime bare wood then Cover stain (contains shellac) in an orange tin works very well. Perma White is a specialised solution, I think I've only used it in bathrooms suffering some mould staining.

  • Great thanks folks. I'll pick up the Zinsser cover stain and report back. @Airhead you mean the Zinsser B-I-N product right?

  • I'm no electrician but shouldn't those cables be in some sort of plastic pipes? If anything needs replacing/gets eaten by mice/shorts out after you've built your new bathroom, you won't be able to, the way things are now.

  • You might be right but I don’t know what they are for or where they go, so they’re staying undisturbed!

  • I'd worry more about a crack in grout/tiles soaking down through the wall and ending up in contact with a wire that could be bared, or, more scarily, that junction box sitting in the void fills me with the heebie-jeebies. You definitely wouldn't want that to end up sitting in a pool of water because of a leak.

    I'd be interested to hear what any sparkies have to say about it all.

  • Sorry to be slow answering. As far as I remember c00ps is right, the B.I.N. is in a red tin and I don't use it anymore. Cover Stain is in an orange tin. http://www.zinsseruk.com/product/cover-s­tain/

  • Just to add, if you don't have problems with the surface and it's not a bare redwood then sanding and Zinnser (bulls eye) 123 http://www.zinsseruk.com/product/bulls-e­ye-1-2-3/ Would be my choice. Just stir it before and during use because the solids settle quite quickly. It's water based and cover stain is oil based so it's easier to clean up. Otherwise cover stain and wash the brushes with white spirits.

    B.I.N. is effective but it's a bit harder to work with.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxAAy_RS­keQ

    Could even a super hard wood not rot eventually? And how long would it take to look shit?

  • That's like the conditions a boat hull is subject to. So likely quite a long time if the pool water has a suitable chemical balance.

  • Depends which wood. Some tropical hardwoods are very resistant to fungus.

  • Cool.

    Added to my €m lotto wish list.

  • anyone painted a bedroom two tone? other than tape and eyeballing it, how else could I ensure a good horizontal line? First time painting a room lol. Cheers

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  • You could seal all the holes and then fill it to a level with paint, I guess

  • I'd google it, cause there must be some tips.

    I did it back in the 90s (blue and yellow). It was alright for a teenagers bedroom. I used my mum, a big spirit level and masking tape. Tbh pulling the tape off badly was what made it a less good job, so I'd try some practice runs of that.

    My gut says buy decent tape and a Lazer spirit level. You should be able to position it far enough back to give a long line.

  • And don’t wait for the paint to dry before removing the tape.

  • thanks all! My room might be too small to do it but i have some time off and there is blue tac marks all over my wall on the desk side, so it definitely needs painting. Quick google/ yt suggests either spirit level or measuring up the wall at 15cm intervals to ensure its a straight line, and do start with the top part.
    looked at a blue and then an olive main colour today but I think two dark colours would be too much.

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  • A rail at the colour intersection would simplify the ragged edge issue - doesn't have to be wood either, there's a lot of aluminum trim profiles out there too.

  • Measure up the wall at either end, chalk line between, check in the middle then tape it.

  • We did this last year and had success with eyeballs, a long spirit level and the pull tape tight and slap it against the wall

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  • I've made myself a new loft hatch, but it's a bit portly. 7.7kg to be precise. Is this going to be way too heavy? I used 2x2 with 6mm MDF skins top and bottom and 50mm celotex in between. Probably should have used 2x1 and maybe ply

  • that looks ace

  • cheers, the picture quality is potato thanks google photos but the lines are much sharper than the photos make out..

  • Get some high quality masking tape made out of washi paper.

    If you were to use the colour combination above:

    • paint white until done
    • apply masking tape and make sure it sticks properly
    • add another coat of white where the blue will go, this means any "leaks" under the masking tape will be white instead of blue
    • paint blue
    • remove masking tape at 45 degree angle (I think, google this) as this will leave the best result
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