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  • Spent the afternoon working through quotations for the bathroom, finding too many wormholes for shower enclosures, sanitaryware, etc. Now I'm on the taps, and did a search for the brand of our kitchen tap...

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  • Hans Grohe for taps/showers etc. There are a few English manufacturers for victorian stuff but they are very grand, large fittings that suit bigger properties.

  • I bought cheap Chinese fittings off eBay and ground / sanded off the chrome until I got to solid brass. So far so good...

  • Just been reading about lead content in certain kinds of brass, probably nothing to be concerned about though.

  • Hans Grohe stuff does look nice, does it last?
    I think we want something modern and any finish but chrome.

  • Yes they do..there is a reason why most decent hotels kit out with them.
    Remember that hans grohe and grohe are 2 different companies.

  • We have just had Just Taps shower and taps fitted in the loft bathroom. Can't speak to longevity yet, but it feels on the same level as the Swadling Invincible shower valve we have in the main bathroom and that's been going strong for about a decade (touch wood!). We have cheaper taps in the main bathroom and kitchen and there is a very noticeable difference in quality.

  • We would have got Grohe or Hans Grohe, but I couldn't find a style that my husband and I both liked.

    Nice gyms tend to have Grohe in the showers.

  • If you go with one of the German manufacturers note that the fittings will likely need an adapter to fit UK pipework

  • Phew. Need to shorten/hide a few cables but almost done!

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  • Love it when people sort shit like that by colour.

  • Also #rep for the Far Side Gallery!

  • Coincidentally the hotel I’ve been staying in for the last few days had Hans Grohe showers. I think the rooms are five years old and mine seemed to be holding up well. Was a really nice shower to use too.

  • 🌈

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  • Hadn't factored this into my Sunday afternoon.

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  • Nobody factors in forking a brick.

  • somewhat luckily there was to hand some sealant from fixing the leaking fish tank

  • When you see it etc.

  • Is there no shutoff valve for the water supply to the toilet tank?
    And you bolt your toilet tank to the wall?

    English construction is so different from North America. This thread is great.

  • This is a Close-coupled – opened back toilet, apparently. Anyone know what the top part is called and if they are sold separately.

    I reckon I can replace it without this turning into this:

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  • There's one on the inflow pipe. I think bolting is common, although the previous owner was a maniac.

  • My experience (although n is small) is that Grohe/Hans Grohe stuff is worth the money as it lasts.

    A bathroom is a quite a harsh environment - water, heat, chemicals - and cheap stuff looks shit and breaks quite fast.

    For e.g. we got chromed brass soap/oddment tray things* at the same time my parents got chromed steel ones. There's have been replaced once already due to rust, ours still look new.

    *Endorsed by the Swedish royal family no less. Presumably I'm meant to keep salted liquorish in them.

  • In what is the 100th year of the rawl plug, I removed 63 of the mother fuckers from 2 rooms prior to the plaster coming later this week.

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  • you are an artist

  • :) took me a while to line them up. Glad you appreciate my art

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Home DIY

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