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  • I've no real reason, but I would be tempted to use 3mm ply rather than hardboard.

  • It seems to be good enough for the majority. Probably beats ply on price/availability. You might want to get a stapler of some type. Depends if you have compressor but there are plenty of manual types.

  • Hardboard it is. I don't have a compressor, any harm with doing it with 20mm self drilling wood screws (other than it taking longer)?

  • I don't think its a problem other than time/cost of materials. Sometimes 3mm hardboard is tricky to countersink accurately. You'll want to be using a countersinking bit, if you have one with a depth stop it speeds the job up a lot.

  • How about nails and a hammer?

  • surely just some panel pins or tacks would be quicker and easier?
    (wot ^^he said)

  • Wouldn't nails, tacks and staples gradually pop out a little over time?

  • Shower progress/horror unveiling.

    Both uprights rotten to dust, shower tray seems to be made of tiles on cement over a wooden frame. A lot of the cement has the consistency and strength of wet sand.
    Most worrying is that the floor subframe under the tray seems to be quite rotten (although dry) as well.

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  • Got to love these jobs where you start out looking at a missing piece of grout and it ends up looking like Armageddon.

  • The proper staples for flooring have divergent legs so they lock in. Not quite sure how they work mechanically but http://www.betcofasteners.com/90-18mm-ga­lvanised-18g-dp-flooring-staples-5-000.h­tml

  • Love is one way of putting it...

    I did most of the tiles by hand to minimise dust but the Titan went through the stubborn ones like butter!

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  • My bathroom looked very like that after I started investigating why a Jews Ear fungus had popped a tile off the wall when we'd been away for the weekend.

    After I'd removed everything damp, removed ALL the plumbing (including all the bits that had been leaking into the floor and walls) I rebuilt with an enamelled steel shower tray, and stud walls faced with cement board, onto which I tiled. And replaced all the plumbing with stuff that didn't leak.

  • Not a patch on the above in terms of doing it yourself, but pleased with how it turned out. Horrible study, into nice place to be.

    Skimmed the artex ceiling, stripped the floorboards, Danish oiled them and repainted. Still need to take of the masking and touch up the skirting a bit

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  • That looks great.

  • Smashing the place up is easy, I'm less confident about putting it back to a usable condition! That does look good, were there any dodgy boards?

    @Dammit Did you do the work yourself or get people in? I'm in two minds at the moment, whether to get someone in to design and rebuild the lot (once completely stripped) or just get them to do the structural flooring and build the rest myself. Leaning towards the former at the moment with a small hammer on the way...

  • I did everything myself, but it took aaaaages.

    I also did it myself partially because I could not afford to get someone in to do it (although mainly because I wanted to see if I could).

    I would absolutely, 100%, pay someone else to do it these days.

  • None at all. All original and in amazing nick in every room (so far)

  • Looks great, good job!

  • Que horror! Have you considered locating whoever did the bathroom and killing them very slowly?

  • It’s very much on the list.
    I don’t know much about bathroom construction but I’m pretty sure plywood shouldn’t be used in the way it has been. The tiles were structural in many places!

  • Better a nightmare now than falling through the floor naked and wet?

  • Putting up shelves. The bastard string® system, how the f*ck is it a design classic (here in scandiland at least) when it's so f*cking hard to get straight. Plasterboard wall too so I have to use expanding screw things which can't be moved once they're in.

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  • Have you considered string training?

    Also, your children's chair looks like a cat.

  • Do you even vattenpass bro?

    In seriousness though I’ve seen a few of these on a slight angle. Can’t be unseen.

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Home DIY

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