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  • Cheers.

    splashes everywhere

    Another customer said something to my other half about it being difficult with a brush.

    So what is the consistency? Is it just super runny like danish oil or something? So it's hard to keep on the brush?

  • I used Cuprinol Fence Life Plus and yeah, it's pretty watery. Probably like the consistency of a 50:50 mix of emulsion paint and water

  • Cheers. That explains it.

    We've got Cuprinol for the fence and the posh Ronseal for the shed.

    Debating how to approach it with my neighbour on one side (we are responsible for the other two sides).

  • First step of project garage...

    4 of 7 220cm ikea cabinets put up. Will get the other three done during evenings this week then hopefully build most of my workbench on another wall over the easter weekend.

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  • Can Tyvek be left as the only weather protection over OSB3 shed walls with any success, or will break down after a couple of years.

    Alternatively any other coverings that could form a relatively maintenance free wall cladding? Aesthetics are not a consideration as I'll not have to look at it, will probably get some fancy cladding panels for the one side I will see.

  • Pretty sure UV will do a job on it.

  • You can't paint one side without it bleeding to the other usually so your best bet is to agree to paint a side each and split the cost of the stain.
    Then again you might find like in our case that you own the fence on e.g. the left of your garden and your neighbour owns the one on the right

  • So much bike hanging space in the rafters...n+1 will never end.

  • Hey all, just moved into our new place. It's a very old 17th Century cottage. Currently getting our bearings and finding out where stuff lives.

    We're trying to figure out what might be causing a really strange smell in the kitchen. It's like a very musty almost urine smell which at first I though might be a from the soil pipe from the toilet which runs behind the kitchen units. But I don't think it is as.

    They are solid stone walls with a stud wall and then all kitchen units etc mounted to the stud wall. There's probably 6-10 inches between the stud wall and the stone brickwork which has various pipes and electrics.

    I've got my head behind the cabinets as much as possible and it smells real bad and comes through the kitchen cupboards, as they are not totally sealed - it also smells really bad near the dishwaster but its not isolated to that (kind of just stinks everywhere). I'm trying to figure out all the things I should check and rule out before getting the big guns in and spending money on someone to sort it out/explore the problem.

    To rule out mice/rats I've left the cabinet doors open so our cat can get to work.

    Any advice on what I could check that might be causing this smell?

  • get one of those cameras you inspect pipes with and have a look around? Look for wet / mouldy // rotten stuff?

  • Smells are always hard to describe to other people.

    A dead mouse or rat can produce a really weird smell. Some people like it to the smell of acetone or ammonia..might be a deceased rodent somewhere in a wall?

  • cheers @kboy - good shout. I might just try removing some of the unit backing to get access that way. I can ram my phone through a few holes and take some pictures like I did above and examine those.

    I just feel like it might be something not instantly recognisable to my simple eyes.

  • I’m working on bike storage solutions at the moment. Two will go on the wall on the left with pedal hangers. Got to fit in a car, a motorbike and a workbench yet. Also want to get another motorbike later in the year...

  • @Stonehedge could be, I guess getting access and having proper look is needed.

    And yeah it is really hard to describe smells to other people. My wife can't even smell it but the people we've had over and all said it smelt really bad when they went near the kitchen units!

  • My wife couldn't smell a dead mouse in one of our walls, that's why it sprung to mind tbh!

  • What's the floor under the units? Did the previous owners have a dog?

  • @TvH Some of the flooring is quarry tiles under the units - behind the units is the original floor and who knows what that is on a 200 year old building...

    A previous owner did have a dog yeah, we've booked in a tile cleaner for the next week or so as I wondered if it could be some left over "pet deposits".

  • S'what we had with ours. No tiles under a lot of the old units, dog piss had seeped under and into the bare floor. Even after we cleaned up all the crusty deposits behind the kickboard it still stank, it took a concentrated bleach assault after we'd ripped the kitchen out to get rid of the smell.

  • @TvH Wow, ok. Maybe the floor clean will help, I'll then employ some bleach and hardy gloves and get cleaning. I kind of hope its something like that rather than something like leaking pipes, condensation causing damp or rats/mice.

  • Discovered today how much of a ball-ache skimming over Artex is.

    buys plasterboard instead

  • Can you remove the kickboards? I bet there's some lovely old gunk under, behind and inside those. Esp if they're made of wood.

  • You can't paint one side without it bleeding to the other

    Sorry, only just saw this. Is that 100%? Or if I was careful could it be done? His panels are vertical rather than horizontal.

    Worst case I figure we put up trellis on his side and paint that.

  • workbench

    What are you thinking?

    I'm sure we'd all be really curious to see your rough layout plan as well.

  • So much space!

    I gave up storing bikes in the workshop, dust just kept caking up on that one drivechains, even with dust collection on all my tools.

  • Nice, planning on doing the same... what paint did you use?

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