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  • Thanks.

    The front will certainly clean right up with a scraper but under the porch is a little more solid. I'll try a heat gun first.

    New tiles would be best but we're 95% sure we're listing the house in the next week or so (hence the need to make it look good) and the expense of new tiles isn't really worth it....

  • Any recommendations for a company to replace front door / frame / adjoining window with composite/FD30? I've got a few quotes from local places (I'm SE London) but maybe someone knows a better company further out. Also don't know if it's better to get the stuff supplied then a different person to actually do the work. Please advise if you've had anything similar done!

  • Did you do it yourself or get someone in?

  • It's pretty easy. Although I designed mine so it was one piece.
    What are you doing on the edges?

  • That's similar to me.
    I'll build a tanalised timber frame around the edge and will be fixing the astroturf to this. I'll be building planters on either side which should hide any untidy edges!

  • I did similar, but made sleeper beds for the grass to effectively sit inside. Worked well, sharp stanley knife and you'll be fine.

  • Got someone in - 8 tonnes of hardcore and granite dust went underneath mine, then a timber frame to secure....

  • What's the appeal of astroturf over paving?

  • bit more child friendly in our case

  • Bit of colour, softer etc.

    This is ours:

  • ^ plastic fake wood decking too...

  • Mylands is really nice - particularly the Marble Matt finish. We've used them a lot.

  • Have you looked at the mosses and slow growing grass-like plants?

  • Haha that's a bit more than me but I did carry out 140 concrete slabs and carry through 60 bags of hardcore + granite dust last weekend (no direct access).

    We really struggled to get anyone to come in and do our garden, so thought fuck it and aimed to do it myself. Was slightly regretting that as I climbed into the ice bath after shifting all that lot.

  • Strong work.

    It wasn't cheap but was worth getting someone in for us. They did a great job.

  • Yeah - your garden looks great. We're not planning on staying here too much longer (if market ever picks up again) but next place we'll be getting someone in. My back wont be able to take another effort!

  • We're seeing a place outside like London on Saturday so we might be putting ours on the market quicker than anticipated.

  • Tap arrived today, £11 inc p&p off eBay, open box but unused, non-mixer. Need to get the 12v submersible pup so I know what kind of adapters I'll need.

    Whale's pressure switch seems to cost twice as much as their standard submersible pump.

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  • Nope I might consider something for the shed roof, so feel free to share any knowledge.
    Generally though I'd rather spend time on the plants and flowers than the lawn/ paving.

  • Shitloads of brand new rockwool being skipped at a building near the Bearpit in Bristol if anyone's interested. Obviously needs picking up ASAP before it rains.

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  • jeezus wept

  • Prob wrong thread but are there any VERY skilled woody people here? We need a prop made for an advert later this year (actually we need two made) and wondered if anyone wanted to pitch for it. I'm already discussing with two people (one a cabinet maker in sussex and one in southampton). It's, to all intents and purposes, a dolls house but probably less complicated than that. It's fascia only and not such fiddly detail as a dolls house (no furniture for starters thank god) with about 15 small doors and windows and fairly intricate carvings (to match an existing design) on those doors/windows.

    If anyone is game or can recommend someone... Realistically we'll be commissioning it towards the start of September to be completed by mid October latest.

  • Would be interested to hear how you get on @Tenderloin as I'm planning to astroturf our side return (though onto existing concrete with a foam underlay).

    Edit: fact checked

  • Wow there is a few 100 quid worth there.

  • Best white floor paint for old Victorian boards? The glossier the better.

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Home DIY

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