Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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  • That looks good, can't wait to receive it and get working on crafting Saya V1. If all goes well, the tulipwood/cherry wood combo should make for a nice contrast, assuming my skills are up for the challenge.

  • What are you making again, knife handles?

  • I will try to make a knife sheath, just because they look cool :)

  • Keep us updated

    Turned this oak pot this evening

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  • What lathe do you use?

  • There's two at the space I use, a Record Power Coronet and a big yellow one. Don't know what make big yellow is.

  • Turned this, a square yet round bowl. Would make a nice little loose change bowl. Oak, waxed.

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  • more turning

    this reclaimed oak started out as a bowl then became a dish then finally a plate as it kept splitting on me. lots of cracks and nail holes to contend with.

    then a bowl made from 3 yew staves glued together (badly). as i was parting it off i mistimed my catch and so it cracked.

    not the most successful of evenings

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  • Cracks add character no?

  • They do but they also dramatically increase the chances of the work piece falling apart on the lathe and sending bits of wood flying everywhere at speed. (0.38)

  • talking of which

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  • although this one came out ok. some ash which i have tried to season. probably needs to be left longer but i am running out of available materials.

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  • Gilding is really hard.

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  • My misses pals have had a new Human, I made this...

    It’s hand screen printed, 23ct and 12ct gold water gilded, 23ct oil gilded and then painted , all reverse on glass. Super shinny and nice.

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  • Anyone interested in turning me a wood stool seat approx 40cm dia x 7cm/8cm in thickness (subject to stock availability). Doesn’t need to be particularly fancy wood just something with a bit of pattern and able to take a durable finish. PMs welcome.

  • Hi moocher. Sorry I messed up my reply to your pm. Can you contact me again on as I'm keen to go ahead.

  • Some parts stuck and some parts didn't, put another layer of gilding over it and had another go. I'm getting much better at positioning the leafs, I hope the generous layer helped. Brushing it tomorrow.

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  • I'm becoming mildly obsessed with YouTube videos of people making stuff out of old / broken skateboards. Things like:


    I'd quite like to have a go myself but the last time I knew anyone who skated kangol hats were a must have fashion accessory. Anyone got any idea where I might be able to get some?

  • This is great!

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Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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