Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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  • I have one, but it is never gives as much protection from rain as you think.

  • Fair enough when I use it i rarely cut full sheets as it has all been reduced to scribing sizes already.

  • Need to get a range of sandpaper grits for the workshop. For hand sanding or sanding on the lathe. For wood.

    Are rolls of sandpaper good value? What should I buy?

  • Mirka Abranet is mindblowingly amazing. From what I've found it's fuck-off expensive but it just lasts and lasts and sands brilliantly.

  • Thanks. Worth getting some and trying them out I think.

  • Made another pot. Used a resin/sawdust mix on the cracks. Worked really well although killed a few chisels getting the resin down. Didn't realise it was that hard.

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  • Yeah if you can get smaller amounts they’re very much worth it.

  • Done!

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  • That looks cool but is it not wobbly as hell?

  • That's what I was afraid of as well, backup plan was a cross of steel wire on the back. But it was actually already fine free standing and fixing the upper shelve to the wall made it rock solid (Rock solid for as far bookshelves go, at least.).

  • Yeah that should help

  • Anchor it against the wall?

  • I cannot emphasise enough how much I love watching this guy's videos

    The simplicity of his pieces means that everything he does had to be 100% spot on with no room for sloppiness. I have learnt so much just from watching them so I thought I'd share.


  • That’s ace. But now I feel like a ham-fisted amateur (probably because I am a ham-fisted amateur).

  • Yeah his videos are brilliant!!

  • Not great pics, made some birds. And a couple more pots.

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  • Another bird. And a bee. Needs wings of course. That's tonight's task.

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  • More making. Drawstring leather bag. Weird size, too small for much, too big for a washbag.

    Was good fun to make though.

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  • Does anyone know where, or can anyone cut up some pieces of wood into 3-4mm thick by 300mm * 60mm pieces. Looking to make some wooden sayas for kitchen knives, bit can't find a good source of wood trimmed to the thiness needed, and I ain't got the tools or skills to do it myself.

  • Where are you based and when do you need it?

  • SE1. Need to also source some wood if you have any ideas. Not a massive rush on the job, ideally in the next month or so. Just a project to busy myself when the kids are asleep

  • For timber (assuming you want decent stuff) I'd recommend one of the following:
    Moss & Co You'd have to go there to select and pick it up.
    Surrey timber order online or pick up in person.
    Timbersource order online.

    I'm quite a long way West of you and my workload means for the next month or two I'll hardly be in my workshop so it will be difficult for me to do this for you, if you were closer it would be easier. However these are meant to be amazing for the money and are more than capable of doing what you're after, also they're compact so fit well in a shed or garage.

  • Great making of different things @moocher, is this just a productive hobby for you or more full time?

  • Thanks for the links, very helpful.
    Not got the space to get my own bandsaw, although that would be great.
    How far west are you, willing to travel if it's a reasonable distance.

  • made another bag, much neater (and smaller this time). For marbles, dice, magic dust etc.

    @si_mon628 - i sell a few bits but mainly making just for fun. Happy to take commissions :)

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Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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