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  • I want two shaped wooden handles that will fit on the end of dowel rods - probably about 15mm diameter dowel. Need to be firmly attached so the dowel needs to insert maybe 7-8 cm and I’m thinking glued in place but needs to be a close fit.

    Each handle to be maybe 15cm long overall, something like that. Shaped for grip and appearance.

    Ideally made in nice wood that looks good.

  • What would the maximum diameter be? If I've got any suitable bits I'll give it a go for you

  • That’s awfully kind of you - I would expect to pay of course.

    Well they need to be held in hand - they are actually going to be for flags - so not too big. If the internal diameter is 15mm, would 25mm for the outside diameter be feasible?

    However, I wouldn't make anything yet, I don't have the dowel yet and I'd like to be sure what size it actually turns out to be, though it's described as 15mm.

  • In order to help pay for the vets bill (see here)
    I’ve been making dog collars.
    If you’re interested they’re £25 posted in the uk.
    The leather is hand dyed vegetable tanned hide from an organic and ethical supplier. The fittings are cast brass. They’re sewn by hand and are available in 2 widths, 15mm and 25 mm. I can do lots of different colours. They can of course be belts, and I can make them up to 45mm wide and up to 960 mm in length. They’ll cost £40 posted.

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  • Appreciated, although if you chose to leave to up I'd understand too. I can avoid the page for a bit.

  • Nah it’s all good. Most folks on this thread have seen the kinda stuff I turn out every week anyway. Was just trying to rerail the thread before it went full degenerate.

    Luckily, actual craftspeople are talking again so it’s all good!

  • before it went full degenerate

    depends what tertius’s wooden turned ‘handles’ and adroit’s ‘dog’ collars are for..!

  • ^^ the square tiled mirror balls are epic, and this one was very different but quite discomforting with it.

  • C# in a nice portable package.

  • I’m trying and failing to find leather - I want matching leather to recover a saddle, probably make handlebar tape, and mudguard flaps.

    Think I need 1mm thickness for saddle and 2mm for mudguard flaps and tape.

    The second lightest brown here looks about the right colour, but I don’t fancy getting it from China with barely any information (does it make any sense worrying about animal rights when you’re trying to buy dead animal skins? Probably not, I don’t know).

    Anyone have any recommendations? I’m near Bristol if in person is best.

  • Aren't there at least 8-10 tanners in the UK?

  • I'd say you'd really need three different types/thicknesses of leather for those things. Veg tan would be fine for the flaps. But you want something softer and more pliable for the saddle surely?

    Edit.just saw the in Bristol bit. The leather supplier in cheddar would be a place to start.

    If you want veg tan try Thomas ware and sons on the coronation Road. That place is incredible! Pre lockdown they had an offcuts shop where I've always got my leather from. I've had a tour of the place and it's disgusting and amazing all at the same time!

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  • For covering a saddle look no further than Pittards. Their economy range is cheap and available in small pieces with amazing colours.
    No use whatsoever for mudguard flaps.

  • I use it for wallet linings too. Lovely stuff.

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  • Fantastic, thank you all. Really useful. The problem is colour matching different types, but I’ll try the place on coronation road. Thank you!

  • Any colour matching of mudflaps will become less matched after the first wet road, perhaps a complimentary coloured plastic would be the answer rather than a precise match.

  • I'd rather recycle an unwanted jacket and dye it. Get a horrible white or tan jacket from a charity shop/bin/ebay and use Fiebings dye. I find it very satisfying. It feels creative, although it isn't really. I like the idea of the animal's skin having multiple lifetimes.

    Edit: and matching colours are pretty much a given. And you end up with the stuff and the knowledge to redo the dye, and dye other things, and maintain all of them.

  • Practicing tight inside cuts on mirror this morning.
    Using a flexicurve as a guide. Will spray mount my tracing paper templates onto the glass and hope for the best. The trick is cutting the whole pass in one smooth motion without hesitating along the way. This cut is about 200mm, I need to do ones 600mm+
    Got some nerve-wrackingly large pieces to make..

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  • What tool do you use for cutting? I got a cheap rotary wheel thing and it (or my technique) was rubbish

  • Toyo TC-17 is my daily driver, I don’t use a lot of oil but I usually work with 1-2mm mirror which cuts like butter. This thicker stuff is a bit sturdier.
    I’ve also got the narrow headed version which is probably the best for inside cuts but I prefer this one.

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  • I use meths to wet the head of mine. One of the glass shops I use showed me and I've no idea why it works so well but it does.

  • Temperature thing maybe? Cold cuts are cleaner?

  • Bit off topic but as you know mirrors do you know where I could buy a 4mm front surface mirror - about 70x50cm but cut to a shape?

  • Front surface mirror is the coated stuff used in optics/laser stuff right?
    I know I’ve worked with it a few times but def a bit outside of my area of knowledge I’m afraid.

    These folks could be a good starting point?­%20surface%20mirrors.html

  • Front surface obviously a bit more complex, my initial answer wouldn't cut it !

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Crafts / Craftsmen / craftswomen (craftspeople, I suppose)

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