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  • Love it. Screen printing was one of my fave things when I did Art Foundation.

  • Lovely film and a beautiful print. It’s great to see the process involved, nice work.

  • a bit more making

    sewed up this lined bag, strap comes courtesy of @pdlouche.

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  • also, working on wallet designs - the stitching pattern with the red is much nicer than the blue, right??

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  • Also made a wallet after a long period of not sewing. Couldn’t find any wallet small enough for my taste, settled on this thingy with three slits for card on one side and a coin pouch on the other. A bit wobbly as I made it from scraps and didn’t have enough seam allowance to get neat folds. Will see how this holds up and then maybe do a nicer version in a couple of weeks.

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  • Just got myself some cheap leather craft kit to learn how to make some simple stuff. Anywhere I can get some cheap leather to start with? I got a few bits from eBay but if there are any places folks here use then I’d rather avoid eBay.

  • Love the cross! Red FTW! 🥰

  • I get mine from freecycled leather sofas. Strip the leather then take the rest to the tip.

    Sofa stores can sometimes be dumpster dived for sample books, or ask them nicely.

    I can post you a few A4 size bits if you like.

  • Old chair or sofa as @moocher suggested.
    A charity shop briefcase can yield a surprising amount if you want something thicker or stiffer - I've rebuilt an elderly Brooks using a mould and several layers of wet formed briefcase leather, and made a vintage style saddle bag from a laptop bag. Catches zips fasteners and feet can also be re-used in many cases.

  • Yes please! I’ll send a PM.

  • Charity shop is a good shout! Cheers! Will keep an eye out from now on. 😬

  • This might justify raiding charity shops: saddle, grips, brake cable straps and tool bag all from one briefcase.

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  • Also a Targus laptop bag after some re-modelling.

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  • NOOOOOOOOoooooo!

    How much did you pay for the briefcase?

  • I like this a lot!🥰

  • A couple of pounds last time I bought one - there was a local animal charity shop which used to accept stuff the others didn't want, and a broken catch goes a long way in bringing the price down. Admittedly this was a few years ago, and the shop has since gone - I don't think it was my fault. Also rural Shropshire, not London prices.

  • Awesome! I hope people are going to give away unwanted Christmas gifts / old stuff in the next year! 😬

  • Thanks a lot. Will give it a shot.

  • That looks ace! How are you getting the holes to be that precise?

  • The pattern and holes are laser cut. A handy tool to have access to!

    Some more pics of the finished item and a spam link to a sales thread­02/#comment15679385

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  • Ah, yes a lasercutter. Gotta get me one of these. :D

  • :) not mine of course. if only.

  • I miss having easy access to a laser cutter, 3D printer and other fancy stuff... I work at a Uni but COVID restriction means accessing these is not easy for staff... 🙄

  • Did another tote, zippered and lined this time. Pretty good all in all but the non-black bias binding betrays my lack of skill, need to get better at it or find black bias band. Tad wider would be better too.

    Excuse the shit pics.

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Crafts / Craftsmen / craftswomen (craftspeople, I suppose)

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