Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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  • Thanks. I don’t know what constitutes fancy but have been considering getting some stained glass for my front door. It’s not something I’ve ever tried doing so it’d be commissioning someone else rather than giving it a go myself.

  • Simply raid your local church, they won't miss a little bit.

  • Ah he started off the back of doing a night course at a glass school, I can ask but he's never done bigger than about A3. Probably better asking a pro as its structal rather than decorative,

  • I fancy having a go at stained glass

  • We've got a mate who does stained glass:­ass­on_/

    He's based in Glasgow but is regularly in London to install. We've got a couple of internal windows and an internal door that he's done for us - can highly recommend Jack's work, his rates are good too (and not just for mates).

  • A bit more making. A three panel, Dopp style leather bag. Good for toiletries, sundries, frozen sausages etc.

    Handstitched. 24cm x 12cm. Will be making more if people want one.

    Terrible pictures, sorry. The zip is royal blue, stitching is lighter.

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  • Taken a couple of days off printing to build an easel and then paint some signs this week.

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  • Nice work, crisp.

  • Got gifted some canvas from my local yurt maker in exchange for some leather.

    A quick afternoon no-sew project.

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  • Did you finish the canvas edges? I just got a cold war era Czech duffel bag thrown in to an order for other stuff - it's the heaviest linen (!) that I've ever seen, a really big and beautiful bag.

  • No, I couldn't be arsed, plus my machine is a bit temperamental. Nice material though, might be able to get some more offcuts

  • Got gifted some canvas from my local yurt maker

    This is the most middle class thing I have ever read.

    (Or the most Mongolian)

  • If Mongolian would likely be felted wool.

  • Spotted this in use on a site a couple of days ago, thought I might try and make one some time.­parachute-bag

  • That is nice. Might give it a go once I get more canvas.

  • Wasn’t sure where to ask this question. I’ve got this table and I want to give it a bit of tlc but not sure what to do.

    What would be a good start?

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  • Bit nicer than the balls I usually make. Only 400mm as going into a small space. Grey and red mirror with black glass(non mirrored) pixel fade with logo. For a friend, I don’t normally get the scope to go this far. First time I’ve made 15mm facets as well, they’re a good scale on a ball this size. Looks like a full size ball shrunk as opposed to just a small ball.

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  • When you introduce yourself to someone do you say your job is disco ball making? Or do you have something a bit livelier like disco creator

    How do you get into making disco balls?

  • I generally tell people I’m a prop maker. We’re getting more into production/lighting design as a company as well as hire/construction.

    I got into it thru a guy I used to do trees with back when the company used to do a lot of sketchy raves, basically they wanted someone who was happy to climb the girders/roofs of knackered warehouses without asking too many questions.
    Since leaving trees earlier in the year I’ve ended up here more or less full time making stuff and running the workshop while the boss focuses on the bigger picture. He’s been in business close to 20 years now, aside from all our production pieces he has a lovely collection of original mirrorballs and related tooling from the 1930s onwards which really needs photographing at some point.

    It’s pretty random and I live with glass splinters all the time but it’s all good.

  • A bit of gold leaf work for Push Cycles in Newington Green.

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  • Wow love this! Reminds me of Supermundane
    I've decided to just go with plain glass this time, but will try and find an excuse to get something made at some point!

  • This is great, love the detail in the shadow.
    I'm going to try reverse gilding my fanlight numbers soon. I have some gold leaf on transfer paper from a previous project but am I better off with loose leaf for gilding?

  • If you want a mirror finish you need to Water Gild, if you wanted the matt finish you would Oil Gild.

    For water gilding you need loose leaf, for oil gilding you would use transfer.

    edit: in reply to @Trunkie

  • Still available mate? Might as well get the full-set.... looks great.

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Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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