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  • That's so nice! Love the design. If you wanted to sell one I'd be very keen....

  • Thanks! Maybe you should wait for your kitchen knife roll to arrive first so you can check the quality.

    I need to make one for somebody's birthday, if I've got enough material I can do you one too.

  • I've become obsessed with kumiko.

    So I've ordered some lime (basswood) and western yellow cedar and will see if I have sufficient patience.

  • A proper marking knife makes a huge difference.

  • It makes total sense (the way Paul does it anyway), set the line, create the wall with the chisel and then cut. My biggest annoyance (well one of them) is being so careful with the saw cuts only for them to be wonky as fuck.

  • It works very well with western style saws. Japanese saws less so but can still be used with care.

    Edit: Also being able to saw straight is a function of practice and muscle memory. With a western saw always start the cut on a push stroke, if you start on a pull stroke it is easier but you risk the saw jumping around marring the wood and the cut will be less accurate and not as neat. When you are cutting focus on keeping your shoulder elbow and wrist aligned. If one of them moves it will push the heel of the saw around resulting in a wobbly cut.

  • .

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  • Weird phone camera trying to be arty. But it is very satisfying.

  • Didn't get any comments in the earphones thread so I guess here is a more relevant crowd...

    I'm considering these:­ug-headphones/products/isotunes-pro-2

    Don't have much to compare with, but these are what youtuber Laura Kampf uses.

    IP67. 16hr listening time, usb recharchable. Bluetooth 5 with aptX. Noise cancelling for calls.

    They do different versions with different certifications and limits if you're professionally obliged to wear ear protection that meets specific standards.

  • I've got a pair of the pro 1.0 (no mic so you can't make receive calls). They're good, decent sound quality. If you need them for work I don't think they're certified by European standards but then the HSE doesn't like the idea of them so it could be an issue.

  • I'm not a professional maker as it were, I'm a professional programmer with ADHD, with an aspiration to own a lathe and/or mill rather than just a Dremel.

  • Then they should be ideal for you!

  • Working in a place like this made from a single skin of corrugated iron on a day like today is fucking hot and sweaty. God I whish I could afford to insulate it.

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  • 1 door and 2 windows made from reclaimed old growth larch using nothing but hand tools. Took about 3 times longer than normal but I'm happy and clients willing to pay so all in all a result!

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  • Very nice. Presumably they'll last for a good long time. What's happening around the edges of the panels in the clamped piece, or is that one of the windows and it'll have glass in it eventually?

  • Larch is pretty rot resistant so, yeah, hopefully it will outlast me. There is some evidence of woodworm in some of the timber but it has all been properly treated so won't be an issue - one of the problems with using very old, reclaimed timber; the client provided it do I had to use it.

    The door is made to replace an old exterior door that every single tenon had rotted on so it's a like for like reproduction. There is a recess between the rails / styles and the panels which is what I think you're referring to. Maybe once upon a time that recess was filled with some kind of beading but the brief I was given was identical with what was there previously so that's what it is.

    Next up get it ready for painting.

  • did some more making

    a couple of signs from my side hussle and some leatherwork. Toiletry bag and a bike tool/inner tube holder.

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  • I like these a lot. Do you sell? Have you got somewhere I can see more of your stuff?

  • The signs or the leather things?

    Most of my leather stuff is in this thread, or pm me and I can send you some pics.

  • I’m still not sure what I do counts as craftsmen but I’ve got a fun 2-tone geometric mirrorball project on the go at the moment! It’s pretty hard going and we need someone on call who can map this shit on caad so I can speed up some of the processes but it’s gonna look cool I hope...

    Please excuse the glue residue all over the glass ;)

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  • So far it’s caused one minor panic attack and the resurgence of my ocd which I’ve not suffered in about 16yrs.. client better be happy.

  • Wow! That's darned cool!

  • Been offered 5 tons of reclaimed 200+ year old oak beams for very little money. If I don't take it the guy will burn it. Need to come up with a storage solution asap.

  • what volume does that amount to? not that I have a solution

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Crafts / Craftsmen / craftswomen (craftspeople, I suppose)

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