Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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  • My uncles first attempt at livestreaming­xm0

  • Needed to make some extended legs for my daughter's cot. Didn't have any more of the 1.5" x 1.5" banister rod I used to make the last set so laminated 1.5" strips of 3/4" Baltic birch ply. Took it as an excuse to practice some more planing.

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  • Chamfering the corners

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  • Thought I was on a train there for a sec ^

  • That's always a very satisfying thing to do

  • hi everyone, hope this is an okay place to ask but let me know if not and I can delete!

    Basically, I need to attach one of these:

    to a piece of plyboard that's 25mm thick. The holes in the flange are 12mm diameter, and the flange is 14mm deep. What's my best option? Should I be looking for wood screws that are 12mm in diameter and about 30mm long? Do these even exist?

    Thanks and apologies again if this is in the wrong place!

  • Can the board be drilled all the way through? If so, tnuts could be a good bet...
    Drill, bang em in and bolt the plate straight on.

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  • How strong does it need to be? It looks like it's going to have a rod screwed into the middle.

  • Depends on what it is going to be used for. If it is to go onthe underside of a table/desk top for legs to screw into, then you could use something like a truss head screw with a wide enough head (>12mm) over even washers to make the head area wide enough.­M5-Phillips-Truss-Head-Self-Tapping-Scre­w-A2-304-Stainless-Steel/283324627814

  • Mounting a hangboard onto a pull-up bar? ;)

  • Made a second bag. Used an old singer with a hand crank, was actually preferable to it being motorised. Have it set up for both but ended up using the handcrank more as it was far more accurate.

    Anyway here’s the bag. My second attempt. Took flippin ages. Nearly a whole day.

    Has a magnetic clasp, some dandy materials, made a leather label, stainless rings, made of heavy cordura, spent more time on the straps doing cross box stitching and shaping them a bit etc

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  • exactly that! got to get some sort of practice during lockdown! Cheers all. The middle will indeed have a rod m0unted through it, but that bit is sorted.

    @edmundro thanks—yep, the board can be drilled all the way through. Would this be a case of getting M12 t-nuts, drilling 12mm holes, and then using the appropriate length m12 bolts?

  • Ha, thought so. Where did you get your flanges and nipples from? I had a hard time finding anything suitable on Amazon, unless I wanted to bulk-buy a job lot.

  • Hand planes for hobbyists - is it really worth splashing out on a veritas or LN? Or is there anything more mid range worth buying? Specifically looking for a low angle jack plane

  • I also struggled a bit—think it would have been easy enough to get them from a plumbing supplier but obviously most things are shut. Flanges came from here:­p?route=product/product&path=79_93&produ­ct_id=174

    Nipples came from here:­-Steel-Threaded-Pipe-Fittings-1-4-4100mm­-Barrel-Nipple-Threade/223104979786?hash­=item33f217d34a:m:mWxXk33gd_GCMY3iu0HfL7­g

    It's not been the cheapest option but it looks like it's going to be the neatest (short of actually bolting the ply into the wall)

  • Ah that's great cheers. The first supplier also has the nipples:­p?route=product/product&path=79_90&produ­ct_id=248

    Looks like a project!

  • I have a cheap Silverline No4 bench plane that I though originally was total garbage but then watched the Paul Sellars video on restoring planes and followed most of what he was doing (sharpening the blade, cleaning up the body, taking off sharp edges where they would cause a nuisance etc) and now it's more than adequate for my capabilities.

  • By a Post war sheffield made bailey or Stanley...they can easy restored and last a life time. Can be had for cheap on Ebay or car boots.
    They probably out lived there first owner.

  • The biggest advantage with LN and Veritas is they can pretty much be used out of the box. Other than that you pay a premium for branding.

    As @stevo_com and @wildwest have said a bit of work on old bailey pattern planes will give you a great tool for relatively little outlay (all the LN stuff is high end modern reproductions of bailey pattern planes anyway).

    If you really want a new plane look at the Axminster Rider range (still need some set up) or Quangsheng planes. Both are decent quality tool steel but come in at a much lower price point than Veritas or Lie Nielsen

  • Definitely get something off ebay then restore if needed. I picked up a beautifully looked after number seven on ebay for £30 a few months back.

    A luthier I follow runs this webshop - I've not bought from here, but have from his other business and it might be worth a look :

    I'm no hand tools expert, but a evening college course I went on a few years ago for guitar building spent about the first two week just learning how to sharpen the iron - if you can summon the patience to do that properly you'll have a fantastic tool.

  • I probably wouldn't buy one, but I have tried a really well maintained Lie Nielsen. They're absolutely beautiful to use, it took wafer thin shavings on a crazy grained fretboard. Really satisfying!

  • I've got a low angled block plane and a brass smoothing plane and I love them but I struggled to justify the cost when I bought them.

  • Lovely things; I guess you can easily justify them over the next 30+ years of use, in which case they're cheap - just that inital outlay!

    I was sorely tempted to pick up their violin plane for shaping the top of a guitar I was working on:­lin-makers-plane

    It's probably the only use I'd get out of it, a job that would take a couple of hours, and it's something I do once every 18 months.... I was close though...

  • I was sorely tempted to pick up their violin plane

    Seen one of them on Ben Crowe's wall of tool porn but from what I've seen of his videos he does most of his shaping by chip carving and sanding or with a shinawa saw rasp.

  • Yes - I think he became a bit of a convert to doing guitar carves with hand tools the past couple of years. I guess having the luxury of time to do it once his business got up to speed helped a lot.

    His early videos (before the tool porn wall - back in his shed) he used to attack almost everything (guitar bodys and necks) with a grinder with a flap disk on it. It was all a bit stressful to watch at times!

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Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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