Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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  • Maybe I was thinking of a different friendliest forum ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • So, back to alu: wouldn't a 1/8" piece, maybe 1-2" wide with a j-bend be much stronger? You want something pretty tough for backcountry use no?

  • 125g for those interested, costs a bit more than I'd thought at a fiver each

  • Thanks for the update

  • So....
    Sewed up a couple of test bags last night (which is really what this is all about - I want to make a frame bag, but figured start small)
    Loaded each one with a can of beer a tin of chick peas padded out with a couple of teatowels

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  • left hand one didnt last long. sheared off soon after hitting the mildest of offroad.
    The other one held up better, but has cracked through in one place.

    They could be made better, so they hug the fork closer, plus of course could be made thicker. I think casting or moulding would be the way to go, but I dont have access to that.

    Aluminium plate suggested upthread would perhaps be the way, although I dont have a good way of cutting the strap slots.

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  • Grab one of the £40 dremels from the argos ebay, you could drill two holes with a hand drill then use the metal cutting discs to cut the flat sections with the dremel. Bit long, but totally DIY-able.

    Even better if your laser cutter will etch the guides for you for when you cut.

  • as @pdlouche suggested.. or you can drill several holes along the length of the slot and just file the remaining material off.

  • Yeah, that would work. I've done similar in steel, less cool then just printing.

    The bags seemed to work at least.

  • Well done for giving it a go and sharing the outcome! You'll now get all sorts of unsolicited advice and unwanted suggestions: here's my probably unwelcome contribution.
    Change the orientation so the layers run vertically. Probably need to support 'everywhere' which will then need finishing.
    Also increase the skin thickness until there is no infill - even at 100% fill I'm pretty sure the continuous bead of the shell will be stronger than a fill matrix.

  • My most recent project. While waiting for stain and varnish to dry, I printed replacements for the fret board, nut, saddle, bridge, strap buttons and tuning peg bushes, all of which were included in the kit but of poor quality.

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  • We bought our daughter a kit (Kikkerland) from Waterstones for Christmas. We built it up last week and it's surprisingly good. She (10yo) is gripped by it.

  • Mine was from Kowloon via eBay - MrsE refers to it as a tenner ukulele (£) in spite of it being soprano sized. It's my first ever 'musical' instrument - I suspect a 10yo will learn better than a 59yo.

  • Thanks @jonuxuk
    Here you go.
    It's quite varied as you can appreciate for yourself. ;)

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  • Looks great! Are the penguins raku fired? Really like the hanging pot and the one with the "balconies".

  • Thanks.
    That strawberry planter like pot turned out quite nice despite a suspected slight over firing in the kiln.
    To my immense surprise it sold to somebody in California out of all places.

    The larger penguin is raku fired.
    The smaller ones aren't (speckled glaze + India ink).

    Are you also a potter maybe?

    I don't know if anyone is watching the new Great British Throwdown series on More4 in Weds nights. So exciting (for us potters to get a bit of airtime)!

  • Hobbypotter, yeah, and of course I'm watching the throwdown :)

  • Awesome.
    What kind of work do you make?

  • Mainly functional stuff on the wheel.

  • These are beautiful! Do you sell your stuff?

  • We do. We normally do a couple of art fairs during the year and have an Etsy shop (­ty) - which hasn't got very much listed at all :(
    We're happy to open our studio to anyone as we're there most week-ends. Near Canada Water

  • I bought a penguin a while back. Can confirm it was 100% penguiny. The penguin fan was very happy.

  • Thanks @moocher for the endorsement.

  • This sort of thing

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Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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