Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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  • Majorly challenging but, yes, definitely fun.
    You got to do all kinds of weird shit under the pretext of research.
    And I got to see parts of the world that I, ordinarily, wouldn't have done.

  • Thanks, that's worth knowing. I rarely use anything more exotic than sapele but tastes or my clients might change.

  • You mean expert forgery? Copy, sell = New bikes?!?!? ;)

  • We also used to develop new interactive exhibits - that's where the research came in.

  • I saw rough sawn seasoned cherry planks in the NT shop at Attingham yesterday - not London but Google suggests Hatfield Forest might be a possibility?­d-forest/features/forest-produce
    info towards the bottom of the page.

  • Started fucking about making my own router table top to take my cheapo Katsu trim router and fit on top of my knock off work mate.

    Started by ordering one of those cheap alu inserts. Annoyed that it came predrilled for a bigger plunge router base. However, flipping it over there were dimples in the underside the same bolt pattern as the base plate of the trim router base. Drilled those out on the press, countersunk the top side and job's a good'un.

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  • Was going to use some kitchen counter offcuts I had for the table but decided to go with 3/4" ply as I had a piece roughly the size of the table I wanted. I was originally going to route out the required recess for the insert, but didn't trust my ability with the router to neatly mill it out so decided on jigsawing the hole and fitting stops to screw the insert to and hold it flush with the top. Bastard jigsaw walked on me so the hole is not as neat as I'd like. Still functional.

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  • I then decided I couldn't be arsed swapping the router base on and off the table so was going to buy another. Then I read that these cheap trim router fit the Makita bases so bought one of those for less than £20 so I could still use it as a trim router without dismantling the table. Has actually improved the thing no end. Much smoother adjustment and feels a lot smoother to move around on the better base.

    Next step is to route grooves for the T tracks in the background which will hopefully allow me to set up a fence, sled, jigs or even just use finger clamps to hold a straight edge.

    I also need a quick and easy way to secure it to the workmate. But I have a few ideas for that.

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  • I also have another insert on the way that is the same size but will hold a jigsaw underneath with the blade coming up through the table for some scroll saw/table saw/band saw fuckery.

  • nice idea! i've been friggins around with ghetto router tables for ages. when i move house in the new year i'm gonna sort out a mini one combining a few ideas i've seen on YT

  • Ah! Will take note!

  • @Aroogah @LongAndWinding I can only recommend learning from my mistakes!

  • I shall be doing roughly the same over the Xmas break - been taking Bobbo’s advice and also watching a bunch of YouTube guides too. Will take it slowly!

  • Happy to talk you through things when you're actually in the doing as well!

  • Looking good. Try to incorporate some dust extraction into the fence it makes life a lot easier and prevents chips from working their way between the fence and the workpiece which can push them apart and create an inconsistent edge.

  • Ooh, I have dust extraction planned too... have no idea how yet, got the vac, need some hose fixings. Aroogah had some vids I need to check out.

  • My preferred way to do it is to form a box that is missing 2 sides. One of the open sides faces the back of the fence at the cut out, the other is on the table top. Fix this to the back of the fence and then cut an opening to accept the dust extraction hose. This draws air up from where the router is and is pretty effective in terms of dust collection.

    If you are not using a fence and are going freehand or using a bearing guided bit then dust collection is not as important from a quality standpoint but you will need to have a dust mask on. If you really want dust extraction without a fence you need to form a box around the router, and well still need a dust mask as this is not nearly as effective.

  • Fitted the T tracks. The straight edges I used (the tracks) weren't secured well enough so the slot is not as neat as I'd like (spot the trend) but they are flush and parallel. I have some finger clamps that fit in the tracks and also some 100mm lengths of aluminium with threaded holes that fit in the track that I will use to make a fence. Hoping the gaps just get filled with dust and I can ignore them. Failing that, I'll take this as practice and make another top.

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  • There's not much ply left under the tracks but there are bracing batons running perpendicular on the underside to help with that and make mounting to the workmate easier.

  • In the background is a rolling drawer that I had made to go under a sofa. We're getting rid of that sofa so I modded it to fit under our TV unit. Had to take half an inch off the height and about 5 inches off the depth. That was a lot neater and very satisfying.

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  • Table is walnut and cherry, a bit of an odd combo perhaps.. spinning top made at local hacklab, has a satisfying heft to it (the top not the hacklab).

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  • Dovetail joint for table top

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  • Nice work ^

    I like that top a lot. Done on a lathe presumably

    Where is the hacklab?

  • Making some last minute gifts - bought a chopping/serving board and Veganised it up

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Craftsmen/women (craftspeople, I suppose)

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